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V-Day Ideas: Yourself

And of course, most of all, spread a love your own way!  You have to love yourself most of all, so why not treat yourself to a sweet Valentine’s Day gift.  It won’t be a surprise, but it should absolutely be special.

Pick things out for yourself that no crush or long time love would choose – in other words, be frivolous and fancy free.  If you’re buying indulgent sweets, make them the most indulgent, if it’s jewelry you’re after make it sparkly and sublime.


V-day gifts for yourself aren’t about man-bashing, or celebrating single-dom; they’re about celebration Y-O-U!

Shop: nails / hoops / body cream / pops / tee

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V-Day Ideas: Guys

Valentine’s Day gifts for guys are hard.  This is a total girl’s holiday and worse, typically, when a guy wants something he’ll just buy it.  So, I’m suggesting you skip the Whitman’s Sampler and get to the heart of the matter with gifts that are playful, pampering and punny.


These gifts run the gamut from, “I like you, I think…” to “I’m so in lust, good thing you have these (new) sneakers to keep up!”

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V-Day Ideas: Kids

It’s hard not to share the love with your favorite kids – whether your own, or your adorably charming nephew or whip smart sassy niece.  I love these gifts because there is not a drop a teaspoon of sugar in sight, but they are not doubt sweet as can be.


Shop: bunny/penguin/puppy/mouse

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V-Day Ideas: Girlfriends

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Are you planning out pink and red outfits, catchy cards and sweet but not cavity inducing love songs?  Or, you more of a ‘don’t come near me with your Hallmark co-opted faux holiday,’ type of a gal?

No matter where you stand, it’s always a good time to tell the people you love that you do and the coldest month of the year gets warmed up midway through by sweet affections and some similarly sweet tokens.

I love my girlfriends, in college with or without boyfriends we would plan a Valentine’s outing to the Cheesecake factory and share salads but not dessert.  Girlfriends are there for you for an honest opinion, to share stories, recipes and the good, the bad and the ugly.  Besides, it was Carrie, and not Carly, who said “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.”

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Eating in DC: Union Market

Over the past few months, Mark and I have found ourselves going out of our way for tacos.  Not Mexican tacos, mind you, and certainly not Taco Bell, but Korean Tacos at the newly opened Union Market in DC.

Union Market Sign[1][3][1]

It might be one of the coolest things to happen in DC.  Perhaps I’m partial, because I love small foods, lots of options and a market in general, but check out what is inside:


We haven’t had out of town visitors in a while, but this would be a perfect place to bring them, or to visit with a group.  It’s an affordable option that allows everyone to get their own “favorite” snack.

My favorites: Goshen Juice Bar, TaKorean – three steaks for Mark, 1 chicken, 1 steak for me, Salt and Sundry – an adorable store with the trinkets and gifts you didn’t know existed or that you needed, Peregrine Espresso to go for Mark.

Gifts Ideas for the Domestic Goddess: Reading Material

As a young cook, cookbooks have been essential in my learning my way around the kitchen.  My most helpful cookbook has been one that my mom compiled for me of favorite family recipes.  If you don’t have my mom’s recipes to share these are great for those on your list.


I have either used all of these books or enjoyed these authors recipes online with great success.  So they are kitchen tested and approved.

Gifts Ideas for the Domestic Goddess: Kitchen Clean Up, Made Cute

This is the gift giving season, but it is also the whisking, mixing, baking and mess making season.  If you’re all about the cute, and you probably are, these are the perfect helpers for your kitchen clean up and kitsch decor.

I have posted about Studiopatro before (for Fall 2011) but I had to share the new items for winter 2012.

buyme_img29_0-c00438555e92a8935325235ee66359f8 buyme_img13_0-d96e3286baa5d594096f732f7c48199f buyme_img4_0-53f98e98e93864a4b66983b720dc21e4

These make a lovely and generous gift for a friend, a holiday hostess or for yourself.


Glass Houses

I don’t know where my dream house is, or what style it will be, but one thing I know for sure is that it will have lots, and lots, of windows.

I love the idea of a wall of windows and a view outside that rivals anything going on inside.

Some Monday morning inspiration:

Beach views:

Traditional views:

Rustic views:

Industrial views:

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August Must Haves: Color, Shine, Sparkle

August is here and it is a tricky style month; you have one flip-flopped foot in summer and the other booted up for fall.

Here are a few of my favorite, ooh and ahh worthy must haves for August!Shop: Sip/Stack 1/2/3/Strut

First Apartment Must Haves

Summer is peak rental season, and if you’re in college, just out of college, or just out of the house you’re likely looking at your first (second, third) apartment of beige carpet and white walls.

You’re way to chic (and fabulous, and cool) to live in a beige (read: boring) world.

In an apartment, especially one shared with friends, your bedroom is your own personal style zone.  You can add a lot of visual impact with basic (and inexpensive) pieces like bold rugs, pillows, or throws.  Keep clutter to a minimum with multi-purpose items like the tray table or a storage ottoman, and shelves that are cute enough to be display pieces.

Welcome home!

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