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A Hammock at Home

The idea of a hammock seems so completely meant for vacation.  I guess that statement alone is problematic.  Our favorite yogi Eoin Finn talks a lot about Hammock Enlightenment, and really if you  have ever napped in a hammock you know how great it can be: sunlight warming your skin, gentle sway beneath you, peaceful rhythm around you.

I would love a hammock for our backyard in DC, for the approximately 17 days out of the year that provide ideal hammock weather.  In doing my typical real estalking I saw this home, and thought, yes, that is a house perfectly built around a hammock:

Hollywood Hills

This house in the Hollywood Hills is for sale, for a cool $2.98 million.  If you can’t justify that expense for your hammock, you can also go this dreamy and whimsical route…

Camp Treehouse, Photo by Bob Coscarelli, via The Lettered Cottage

This sweet house built around an old Elm tree comes with an even sweeter and lovely story.

For more hammock inspiration, how delightful are these, via Pinterest?

Lanterns, Fringe, Peaceful hammock

Teak, Patterns, Green, Exotic Hammock

Water, Swimsuit, Quiet Hammock


Setting the Stage, Part 2

A few weeks ago I shared my staging inspiration boards for a cute little house in DC.  The house had been completely redone and needed fabulous furniture and decor to make someone’s future house a home.

I loved this living room, it maintained the heritage of the home and yet felt very modern, clean and beyond livable.  
Living Room
Living Room Inspiration
Who doesn’t want to come here for dinner?  Seriously, no one would turn down a seat at this table.
Dining Room
Dining Room Inspiration
Even the bathroom deserves some love, and I love how this little powder room came out – and I love those towels!
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom Inspiration
I didn’t share the inspiration photo for the Master Bedroom, but the real life photo is more than inspiring!  The closet space, the clever office, the way the light floods the room, waking up in here would be a dream come true.

Very happily this house has already sold!  If you like this style of home and live in the DC area, I’ll point you in the direction of the developer Walnut Street Development.  They’re mission is to create better homes, for better living, and this sweet little home illustrates it perfectly.

Master Bedroom

A Moment of Summer

As it gets colder here in DC, and as I count down the days until we go to Florida, I realize how long it has been since I’ve been home – almost ten months.  I have seen my parents and family in that time, but it’s not the same as being home.  

Home, now that I don’t live there, is about my mom and dad.  Today is my mom’s birthday – (Happy Birthday, Mom) and since you haven’t met my mom too many times here on TDB, I figured I would play catch up.

My mom is hard working; a friend to her friends, to her kids, to her kids’ friends; she believes in the fourth quarter, in good company and in her daughters; she is a back scratcher, a hugger, a phone call away; she is a crier (she is where I get my “on like a faucet” emotions from); she is a do-er, and she just does; she goes above and beyond (can you imagine your mom getting on an airplane at 6am with frozen matzo ball soup and a cooked turkey and flying to your dorm to make a Passover dinner for you and your friends, none of whom celebrate Passover?); she is unintentionally funny; she is fiercely protective; she will climb mountains for the causes she believes in; she a baker, not because she knows people love cookies, but because she knows people love when other people think of them; she is a cheerleader; she is still a beach babe (seriously, not a Sunday goes by when you won’t find my mom at her temple, the shady spot between the palms); she is generous of her time, energy, and spirit; she is a mom to everyone who meets her; she is my best friend; she is a moment of summer all throughout the year.

Happy Birthday, Mom – and many more!

Moving on Up to DC

>In the process of starting a new blog, we (Mark and I – more on him soon!) are also moving. We will be leaving our happy little condo in Northern Virginia, with all of it’s amenities and conveniences (our building is on top of the metro, connected to a movie theater, and within 100 yards of a CVS, 711 and 2 mini-markets) and moving back to DC… to a real house!

Our current place was where Mark lived before we met and is largely decorated in his style, with a few touches from me here and there. Our new house is a real house, with lots of real rooms and lots of potential for decorating. Exciting! Sartorial! Stylish! Overwhelming!!!

Meet my new best friend, http://www.sproost.com! Sproost allows you to take a simple, visual quiz and determine your decor style. I am a huge fan of these types of quizzes. I took the “What type of Bride are you?” quiz on Brides.com countless times – before, during and after being engaged.

After a series of rooms and a few simple clicks you’re told what you’re style is. I have taken the quiz maybe 10 (probably 20) times now and I still wonder wait in suspense to see what my style will be.

Prior to the moving process I never really thought about what my style would be, as I often think interior design is informed by where you live and the type home it is. But, either way, the results are always the same.

I am 50% French Eclectic, 33% Traditional Country, 17% Cottage Chic. Who knew!? This is my starting point. After we pack up, move in and shop enough so we have somewhere to sit, I’ll keep you updated on the progress and what we pick. What is your design style?

P.S. I was a romantic bride.

all images from http://www.sproost.com