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Big Sunglasses, Soon

In a few days this will be me…

Jackie Kennedy via At Its Best, a Kennedy Blog

Drawing by Jordi La Banda

Summer Days

Happy First Day of Summer!  I hope it is an iconic one.

Jackie Kennedy on a boat in Portofino, fifty years ago, as photographed by Mark Shaw.

Jackie Kennedy in Portofino, 1961, Photo by Mark Shaw

Iconic Fashion

In fashion there are always archetypes and icons.  The women who stand out for having that certain look – whatever it may be.  Their personal style becomes the trend and something to model.  Certain women stand out as setting trends and just following them, and over the next few weeks I’ll highlight their style – and how to be inspired by it, without looking like you’re wearing a costume, Halloween hasn’t started – yet!

We’ll start with the beginning, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  I don’t think it is an overstatement to say she is the most iconic woman of the 20th Century.  In my mind there are two versions of Jackie style: White House and New York.  These different phases of her life clearly informed what was necessary and appropriate to wear but what is most striking is that no matter what she is wearing she always looks like herself, she looks effortlessly refined, authentic and American.
Image via At its best

After the White House she maintained the style and elegance she always had but in a more casual, accessible way and defined what today is called American sportswear.

Image via Harper’s Bazaar
“No one else looked like her, spoke like her, wrote like her, or was so original in the way she did things. No one we knew ever had a better sense of self.” 
Teddy Kennedy on Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

King and Queen of America

There is no American icon I enjoy more than Jackie Kennedy, and by extension John F. Kennedy, Caroline, John Jr, and the brothers Robert and Teddy.

I think my interest stems from my dad’s tendency to tell stories of the 1960’s glamour and coming of age, (before his stories of civil rights, civil unrest and the Viet Nam war – but we’ll save that history lesson for another day), and also because I don’t think there is any American, or otherwise, woman who has personified timeless style better than Jacqueline Kennedy. Besides, who doesn’t love a square jaw and sharp features 🙂

I stumbled on this picture today on another blog, Snippet & Ink and had to share it.

This photo and many, many more amazing photos of the entire Kennedy family can be found at here. You’ll love it, I very easily lost track of time.