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Holiday Shopping: Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

There is always someone on your list who seems to have everything, or really “need” nothing.  (Maybe that someone is you!)  In which case, the perfect gift might need to tell a story, share a memory, be personalized, or add a little extra sparkle to an otherwise everyday item.

The gifts for the gal who has everything can be the most challenging and also the most delightful.  Let the gift giving begin:

Let the gift giving begin!
  • Start the holiday season with some sparkle.  For those with trees give them a gift that marks the season with a little sparkle like this Swarovski snowflake ornament.
  • I have never had these but I just know that I would love them.  Levain Bakery’s chocolate walnut cookies are famous for being supersized and super delicious.  They are large enough to encourage sharing and that’s what the season is all about, after all.
  • Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, these I have had, and yes, they are delicious.  They are beautiful, super moist, and here is a tip order in advance so you can skip the lines!
  • Have a memorable moment!  Find a treat from a favorite treat, for us it would be Coconut Candy from Julia in Maui.
  • Make them gift unable to be regifted with a monogrammed and personalized item.  I love the fit of this RL Jacket.
  • Give the gift of glamour with a staple (belt) with extra jazz (feathers), a year of flowers, or a satin clutch from the new collection from Tiffany & Co.
All of these gifts are a delight and happily are available in a variety of price points.  The perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive and out of reach, it just needs to be made special with thought.

Happy Gift Giving for Someone as Special as You.

Holiday Shopping: Gifts for Your Best Friend

Shopping for your best girlfriends is often a reflection of yourself, just like your friends are.  They might be the best, but also the hardest people to shop for, because for them the gift really does have to be perfect.  All of the gifts I picked for a girlfriend are gifts that I would proudly own, and shh! some of these gifts actually match a friend in my life.

Let the gift giving begin:
When picking these gifts I thought of the ways my friends inspire me.  
  • For the friend who loves to find her inner artist I love the idea of these colored pencils on display that are as much of a work of art as her creations.  If having these on display don’t spur creativity, I don’t know what will.
  • Kate Spade handbags are always super cheeky, but how delightful is this little clutch inspired by classic American books?  Reading, after all, is always chic.
  • For the friend who loves fashion?  There are few designers more consistent in their aesthetic and iconic than Anna Sui and this new book is like a fashion show on your bookshelf.
  • For the friend on the brink of tech trends, the youtube video maker, the blogger, the Facebook Stalker, show your appreciation for her savvy ways with a fun frame for when she’s away from the computer.  
  • Only one kind of girl where NARS, the one that knows that there is none better.  And really, only one kind of girl wear’s gold eye shadow – the girl that loves the finer things, and having a fine time.  Celebrate your friend that loves to celebrate life with something sparkly.
  • Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but a trip to the spa has to come in a close second, right?
  • To bring relaxation home, and suggest a little “me-time” for a friend that is always on the go a beautifully scented candle is just right.
Other great options for your best friend that don’t fit on a gift guide?  Her favorite magazine, a trip for coffee, a long phone chat, a train ticket to visit each other.

Happy Gift Giving to the friends who brighten your days!

Holiday Shopping: Gifts for the Mister on Your List

Shopping for boys, guys and men – whatever you prefer – is sometimes the most difficult shopping challenge of all.  The men I am closest to, my husband and my dad, are the type that if they want or need something they just go and get it.  So for them, I am thinking up gifts that appeal to their interests and needs and go just a little bit beyond expectations.

Here are my top picks for Mark, and tips for gifts for the Mister on your list:

Like I said, when giving gifts to Mark I like to think of the things he or I enjoy and do a little extra.  
  • I love a massage, and over the last few years this has become something that we enjoy doing together.  If your guy is new to the world of massages a “dude-friendly” spa like DC’s Grooming Lounge is a great place to start.  
  • Here is an easy solution if you find your guy is still living in sweats – swap out that Hanes for cashmere.  This cashmere sweater from J. Crew fits like a sweatshirt and feels like a million bucks.  
  • My guy is a natural born adventure seeker, and so a great gift is something that appeals to that wilder side: check out the many options by city from Xperience Days, or buy gear for his favorite sport, new sneakers, new goggles, or a new board.  An even better gift is to get out there and take on the world together. 
  • Mark has a penchant for the finer things in life, and because of his appreciation it is always worth it to go the extra step.  He already has custom shirts for a more exacting fit, but I am excited to see a local custom shirt option from Hugh & Crye – again this is a gift that most men won’t know they’ll love until they try on a shirt that actually fits them. 
  • Don’t forget winter is long and cold, you’ll probably spend some time on the couch, make it a movie night with the ultimate guy’s collection of films: James Bond for my guy, maybe Dirty Harry, the Godfather, Lord of the Rings. 
Happy gift giving to you, and yours!

Holiday Shopping: Gifts for the Littlest Ones on Your List

I have two nephews and a niece, and another nephew on the way, and I consider myself a pretty cool aunt to some very cool kids.  My niece and nephews never stop surprising me with how curious, smart, and funny they are – and they are just being themselves!

For Christmas, and anytime we give them a present, I want to give them something that totally stokes that creativity and continues to excite them after the Christmas cookie sugar wears off.

Here are my top picks for kids this year:

To be fair my first gift (a trip to Disney World) is not easy to do, and definitely a big, BIG, Oprah-sized gift, but I have been loving “the surprise the kids” Disney commercials so much this fall, I had to include it (a Mickey Mouse shaped pizza – come on)!  Other favorites include a collection of books; I go with Dr. Seuss because it is classic, but maybe you fancy Little Golden Books, Goosebumps, Harry Potter or Nancy Drew, no matter who the page-turner is about books are a great gift.  Another gift that falls in the sentimental category is the American Girl Doll collection (my sister and I shared a Samantha, who has since been discontinued… 
In the category of getting your brain growing I love, love, love these gifts this season: the Make Your Own Monster – this is awesome, I just can’t get over how cool this is, expensive ($249) but way cool, also the Food Face plates which I have seen in person and totally encourage playing with your food.

Also, when shopping for the littlest kids on your list, please try and remember the kids for whom no one is shopping for.  There are many organizations through which you can adopt a kid (The Angel Tree) or a family for the holidays (a personal favorite of mine is Touch a Heart in South Florida).  For the smallest kids, even the smallest gift can brighten their day!

Holiday Shopping: Gifts for Your Favorite Foodie

The Holiday countdown is 40 days and 16 days until Christmas and Hanukkah respectively – what are you waiting for?  Often on the blog I share recipes, and I do so because cooking and baking for me is fun, it’s an adventure, it’s therapeutic, and this Holiday season it is something to celebrate.

When you treat your guests to something extra it is noticed, and when you treat the cook to something special it makes any meal that much more of an experience, memorable and a gift worth giving. 

For someone whose  passion is cooking or baking, often what they make is a gift, this holidays season give them things to make the experience of cooking, serving and dining a delight.  
This is what I love: the ceramic farmers’ market baskets; Food Rules by Michael Pollan – his books are a must read for anyone who enjoy cooking and eating food;  the twist on the classic cognac glasses, they are like dreidels for adults; the matching mother-daughter “Carly” aprons – seriously that is the name; the tasting plate is a delight, where are the dips?; the baker’s set of spices is a must have for the baker building a collection; and the Italian bakewear is a great counter-to oven-to table!  

I would love to give or receive any of these gifts.  Happy Gift Giving!