Holiday Shopping: Gifts for Your Best Friend

Shopping for your best girlfriends is often a reflection of yourself, just like your friends are.  They might be the best, but also the hardest people to shop for, because for them the gift really does have to be perfect.  All of the gifts I picked for a girlfriend are gifts that I would proudly own, and shh! some of these gifts actually match a friend in my life.

Let the gift giving begin:
When picking these gifts I thought of the ways my friends inspire me.  
  • For the friend who loves to find her inner artist I love the idea of these colored pencils on display that are as much of a work of art as her creations.  If having these on display don’t spur creativity, I don’t know what will.
  • Kate Spade handbags are always super cheeky, but how delightful is this little clutch inspired by classic American books?  Reading, after all, is always chic.
  • For the friend who loves fashion?  There are few designers more consistent in their aesthetic and iconic than Anna Sui and this new book is like a fashion show on your bookshelf.
  • For the friend on the brink of tech trends, the youtube video maker, the blogger, the Facebook Stalker, show your appreciation for her savvy ways with a fun frame for when she’s away from the computer.  
  • Only one kind of girl where NARS, the one that knows that there is none better.  And really, only one kind of girl wear’s gold eye shadow – the girl that loves the finer things, and having a fine time.  Celebrate your friend that loves to celebrate life with something sparkly.
  • Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but a trip to the spa has to come in a close second, right?
  • To bring relaxation home, and suggest a little “me-time” for a friend that is always on the go a beautifully scented candle is just right.
Other great options for your best friend that don’t fit on a gift guide?  Her favorite magazine, a trip for coffee, a long phone chat, a train ticket to visit each other.

Happy Gift Giving to the friends who brighten your days!

2 responses to “Holiday Shopping: Gifts for Your Best Friend

  1. >I love the Kate Spade clutch! Super cute…Perhaps a holiday present for myself 🙂

  2. >You were right about most of these gifts– I so badly want the Anna Sui book. Just today I was thinking that I should pop in a store to take a look through it before making it a definite wish list item. You know me too well!

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