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The Last Long Weekend of Summer

What did you do this weekend?  Did you have one more getaway, a cookout, lazy days at home?  I feel like we did so much this weekend, without doing anything major at all – and sometimes that is just the perfect kind of weekend.

Mark and I went to Equinox on Friday night, without Barack and Michelle.  I don’t think we’ll go back.  Lovely service, and ambitious food, but nothing to write home about, not even much to write in the blog about…

On Saturday there were these delicious gluten free blueberry pancakes…

Healthy Breakfast Pancakes

I also had a wonderful afternoon with my girlfriends from AU – you might know them from here.

Jaci, Me, Cara and Liz circa 2003

We went to lunch together, just the four of us, for the first time in years.  We talked about nothing, or everything, and it was great.  We also visited our alma mater, American University.  Then we went off campus to the DC Brau brewery to taste some local beer.

On Sunday Mark and I started our day with Yoga District, which is quickly becoming  our new weekend tradition when paired with the Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market.  Sunday afternoon we took time for our regular errands with trips around town and ended our evening with a delicious family dinner at Mark’s mom’s house.

On Monday we got up bright and early to stage a WSD home, which will be on market very soon!

We also drove around town to see the other WSD properties in their various stages of construction.  Then yesterday afternoon Cara and Jaci came over for some more laughter and story telling.  Some people can make you laugh about nothing at all; these are those people for me.

Then we ended our weekend and the last long weekend of Summer the same way we started it, with our very good friends, Jon and Kristin, and a delicious dinner of grilled fish, shrimp vegetables and wine.

What did you do this weekend?  I hope it was lovely.

Hungry for the Weekend

As it is definitely the dog days of summer, I wanted to think a bit more about the comfort foods of the season.  The foods that gather family and friends around bonfires, BBQ pits and big picnic tables.

Jello is Glamorous!

This week’s Hungry for the Weekend features lots of summer friendly comfort food.  Let’s dig in.

If you, like me, are hungry for the weekend please, enjoy these links:

Have a delicious weekend!

Hungry for the Weekend

It is totally feeling like summer in these parts, which is to say, it is hot and in the afternoon it rains and then becomes shockingly humid.  But summer also means the arrival of the cookout, the barbecue, the appointing of the Grill King.

I am missing my family’s Father’s Day celebration, which makes me more than a little sad, but I know I can share a burger and a dog with dad anytime – and for that I am very grateful.

American Gastronomy Map by LucyLovesThis via Etsy

This week’s Hungry for the Weekend features lots of local (to DC) food events, and a good sampling of food humor and inspiration.

If you, like me, are hungry for the weekend please, enjoy these links:

Have a delicious weekend!

A belated 4th…

We moved on the weekend of July 4th.

No matter what anyone tells you, moving is exhausting.

The three day weekend proved to be a the perfect time to pack, haul and move across town.

So that Monday off was critical! And on Sunday we were able to finally sit back and enjoy our independence from moving trucks, packing tape, and boxes and celebrate our nation’s independence too!

Our very good friends, and now new neighbors, invited us over for 4th of July BBQ. In full disclosure it is probably the first time I have ever gone to someone’s house for a meal/party/celebration without bringing something, but with the exception of ice cubes, and some beer we were saving for later, I had nothing to share. Not to worry – we were well fed and imbibed. Yum! Real coconut pina coladas. I’m not a fan of coconut, like at all, and these were pretty damn good!

BBQ’d sliders with a toppings bar? Uhm, hello Summer! I am officially in food heaven. These were delicious and we all enjoyed eating them, a lot!

That’s me in the background – can you tell how happy I am over the bacon/swiss/sliders? Glee!

After dinner we managed to climb up, feeling very full, to our roof for the most spectacular fireworks show I can remember ever seeing. The neighborhood effort definitely rivaled the National show. It was like a welcome party just for us!

Our friends taking in the view!

We can’t wait to celebrate more!