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Where to Live?

The other day on Twitter, someone tweeted how excited they were to be traveling to the place where all of her favorite people live… and it got me thinking, well, then why doesn’t she just move there?

Choosing where to live is often an organic decision determined slow and overtime by inertia, or lightning quick and surprising (to everyone, but you).

Where do you live?  Are you a city mouse or a country mouse?  Where did you think you would live when you “grew up”? Or do you think you’ll keep moving as you keep growing up?

We had an interesting discussion last night about living in an area that is popular, aka visited by a lot of people who don’t live there.  And the two sides of the coin showed that this area would always be vibrant and full of activity, but it would also always be transient and visited by people who wouldn’t love it and treat it like home.

I think that’s why so many people like to travel, it introduces us to new places, broadens our horizons, strengthens our capacity and willingness to explore, and then, when we return home we are once again, if at least only for a moment, delighted by the familiar.

Home, Sweet Home.

A belated 4th…

We moved on the weekend of July 4th.

No matter what anyone tells you, moving is exhausting.

The three day weekend proved to be a the perfect time to pack, haul and move across town.

So that Monday off was critical! And on Sunday we were able to finally sit back and enjoy our independence from moving trucks, packing tape, and boxes and celebrate our nation’s independence too!

Our very good friends, and now new neighbors, invited us over for 4th of July BBQ. In full disclosure it is probably the first time I have ever gone to someone’s house for a meal/party/celebration without bringing something, but with the exception of ice cubes, and some beer we were saving for later, I had nothing to share. Not to worry – we were well fed and imbibed. Yum! Real coconut pina coladas. I’m not a fan of coconut, like at all, and these were pretty damn good!

BBQ’d sliders with a toppings bar? Uhm, hello Summer! I am officially in food heaven. These were delicious and we all enjoyed eating them, a lot!

That’s me in the background – can you tell how happy I am over the bacon/swiss/sliders? Glee!

After dinner we managed to climb up, feeling very full, to our roof for the most spectacular fireworks show I can remember ever seeing. The neighborhood effort definitely rivaled the National show. It was like a welcome party just for us!

Our friends taking in the view!

We can’t wait to celebrate more!

Leaving Virginia

As I have mentioned in previous posts, this previous weekend we moved from Virginia to DC. I think no matter the reason or the location, moving is always a triple punch: emotional, exhausting and exciting.

I am so excited to be back in DC, but will definitely miss Virginia – more on that in a very soon to be released post. I came to the DC metro area for the allure of big city DC and for college at American University. I met some of my closest friends. I found a major. I grew up. I found my husband and best friend in DC. We fell in love in Virginia.

As I was packing up and getting wistful Meet Virginia by Train kept looping through my brain. I loved this song when it came out. I think the line about “she wears high heels when she exercises,” really resonated with me. It certainly wasn’t the coffee or cigarettes.

Anyway, if you haven’t yet, you really ought to meet Virginia.

Moving on Up to DC

>In the process of starting a new blog, we (Mark and I – more on him soon!) are also moving. We will be leaving our happy little condo in Northern Virginia, with all of it’s amenities and conveniences (our building is on top of the metro, connected to a movie theater, and within 100 yards of a CVS, 711 and 2 mini-markets) and moving back to DC… to a real house!

Our current place was where Mark lived before we met and is largely decorated in his style, with a few touches from me here and there. Our new house is a real house, with lots of real rooms and lots of potential for decorating. Exciting! Sartorial! Stylish! Overwhelming!!!

Meet my new best friend, http://www.sproost.com! Sproost allows you to take a simple, visual quiz and determine your decor style. I am a huge fan of these types of quizzes. I took the “What type of Bride are you?” quiz on Brides.com countless times – before, during and after being engaged.

After a series of rooms and a few simple clicks you’re told what you’re style is. I have taken the quiz maybe 10 (probably 20) times now and I still wonder wait in suspense to see what my style will be.

Prior to the moving process I never really thought about what my style would be, as I often think interior design is informed by where you live and the type home it is. But, either way, the results are always the same.

I am 50% French Eclectic, 33% Traditional Country, 17% Cottage Chic. Who knew!? This is my starting point. After we pack up, move in and shop enough so we have somewhere to sit, I’ll keep you updated on the progress and what we pick. What is your design style?

P.S. I was a romantic bride.

all images from http://www.sproost.com