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Trendspotting: Color Trends at NYFW for Fall 2012

Over the last two weeks, just like last season, I went through all of the amazing Fall 2012 runway shows.  And not surprisingly several trends began to surface.  If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while you know my rule on trends: it takes 3, and so I’ve captured these trends that we’ll be shopping in just a few months and loving in a few more.

Three colors really stood out and were played with in casual and formal styles.  What was especially exciting is that these colors are a bit outside of the traditional fall shades of cranberry, navy and hunter green.

On with the trend show!

Orange Crush:This color, softer than rust and richer than citrus, floated down the runway.  Many times it was used with beautiful silks, flecks of metallics, and in luxurious silhouettes.

Orange Crush: NYFW Fall 2012


Teal My Heart:This color really was swoon-worthy.  It’s a layered color between blue and green that would make even the most glamorous peacock jealous.  It plays beautiful with other jewel tones and near monochromatic shades of blue and green.

Teal My Heart: NYFW Fall 2012


Berry Be Mine:Pink is ultra feminine, red is sexy and fierce, purple is regal and grand.  The shade of berry, or oxblood as it is being called, that was used on the runway is an amalgamation of all of these adjectives.  It is pure sophistication whether in street ready leather, or gala ready silk.

Berry Be Mine: NYFW Fall 2012


What do you think?  Would you wear these colors this fall?  I am especially loving the teal and berry!

2012 Academy Award Red Carpet Recap

Last night was the 84th Academy Awards.  I have a few take away notes after teh 3+ hour telecast: the show, like Oscar, felt pretty old; plastic surgery, especially on a man (I’m talking to you, Billy) rarely works; the “used to be fat” jokes for Jonah Hill feel really mean-spirited and cheap; and one montage is usually enough, I counted 4-5.

Now, on to the important stuff, the Red Carpet.

I have to say, I didn’t have an out and out favorite.  Some looks were pleasant surprises, and other were slightly disappointing.  But there were no show stoppers, or major risk takers on last night’s carpet.

Best in Red: Michelle Williams has the ingenue look down, and this night was no different.  In any other awards season Emma Stone wouldn’t have ended up on the worst dressed list, however, this style is so similar to the Gucci dress that has been worn to death it didn’t feel fresh or fun for this major event.

Best in White:Gwyneth Paltrow and Rooney Mara both wore white modern updates of classical styles.  However, on Hollywood’s biggest night Gwyneth Paltrow looked like the grande dame of “the industry” and Rooney Mara looked like she was playing in another star’s dressing room.

Best Mint:Berenice Bejo and Missi Pyle both wore a springtime hue of mint.  Berenice looks lovely, ethereal, and like a star.  Missi looks kind of messy.

Best in Nude:Cameron Diaz and Kristin Wiig both wore gowns with a fitted bodice and tiered delicate skirts.  However, in this showdown Diaz gets Oscar gold.  If I had a favorite dress of the night, it was this peachy nude Gucci gown with cascading skirt and beaded details.

Best in a Cinch:This one is hard for me to do, as you know I do love Jennifer Lopez.  However, on the Red Carpet and during the show her beaded and sheer Zuhair Murad gown read more Vegas glam than Hollywood glam.  I thought Octavia Spencer looked lovely, regal and glamorous on her big night.

Which dresses were your favorite?  Tell me in the comments!

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Is your social calendar filling up and your refrigerator door decorated with Save the Date magnets, postcards and invites?  When you’re in a certain age it is always wedding season, even during the winter season.

Look, I’ll be honest when it is cold my “party clothes”  are leggings and boots, maybe a cool sweater… but, when it is someone’s special day it is time to dust off the salt, scrape away the snow and put on your party best.

Is your event a refined afternoon, a lovely cocktail party, or a glamorous evening?  Either way you’ll want to look your best without completely breaking the bank – you do have wedding gifts to buy, after all.  Each set has two outfits with accessories that lend themselves to both.

This set with prim dresses, a feminine coat, and thick navy tights are perfect for a winter’s wedding.  Luckily both of these dresses with their vibrant prints would transition into the spring season with ease.

Daytime Winter Wedding

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For a cocktail party soiree mix in some sequins, a more seductive silhouette and playful details like feathers and mixed patterns.  The standard trench coat is a sophisticated and every-season topper that plays just as nicely with sequins as it does with denim.

Winter Cocktail Party

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If that invite is ready formal and black tie it is time to pull out the stops, go regal, go glam, go as your most fancy self.  Go sleek in black and pair with bold accessories, or bright and playful.  With either outfit you cannot go wrong with long and some sparkle.

Formal Winter Wedding

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Of course the other must have wedding accessory, a smile and well wishes for the happy couple – and maybe handwarmers in the car!

The Sweetest Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Did you take a moment to share your love today?  Was it with love notes, chocolates, jewelry?

How do you share your love on those days that aren’t dedicated to love?  I was thinking about this, all the little ways we show someone you love them.

In my house it’s a knowing glance, a smile, a quick kiss or a long one, a scratch on the back, a foot rub, a resting hand during the resting pose in a yoga class, the best bite, the last bite, a morning smoothie, the end of day dinner, a laugh when everything goes wrong, a smile that says I’m always on your side, a quick text, a long and winding talk, sharing stories, crafting dreams.

It is about making time for the one you love, in the little ways, every single day.  Because, as our favorite Beatles says:

Sing a love song tonight:

When You Believe

This weekend the peerless Whitney Houston passed away.  I never saw her in concert, I don’t think I owned many CD’s, and I am sure I wasn’t actually allowed to watch her movies.  But I did love to sing her songs.

One of my favorite songs that she sang was When You Believe, for the Disney movie, The Prince of Egypt.  Written by Babyface and Stephen Schwartz it was performed by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.


Her lyrics spoke volumes of the strength of a woman, and the pain a woman could try to endure, and to the hope of something better.

I hope that she has found something better, more peaceful.

A Cozy Valentine’s Day

In the life of a woman I think there are a few must have ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and if you’re luck you’ve had a few really great Valentines.

First is a little girl’s dad, my dad is a great card giver.

Then come a series of puppy-loves, and their Whitman Samplers.

Then come the girlfriends, the rose wine, the shared meals at The Cheesecake Factory, and teary movies.

Then comes true love.  My forever Valentine is always filled with surprises and his thoughtfulness comes through in small gestures and grand ones.

Mark and I have had so many great Valentine’s Days and dates.  But, the truth is, we try to make each day special, and make every day Valentine’s Day if you will.  This year (next week!) Valentine’s Day is a Tuesday – smack in the middle of the week and so it calls for a cozy night at home.

Cozy and Sweet for Valentine's Day 2012

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This sweet little inspiration board is just perfect, something sexy, something soft, something cozy and a lot of somethings that are sweet.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?  What makes your day – are you a homemade cards and cookies gal, or champagne and a little box kind of a gal?  Or maybe somewhere in between?


Tell in the comments!

A Super Night of Commercials

Last night was the Super Bowl (duh!) and similar to how I let other blogs talk about the movies on Golden Globes and Oscar night, I’ll let other sites talk about the game.  I am here to talk about the commercials.  Super Bowl Sunday is the only night of the year when people DVR the commercials.

This is the first year in a while that I really enjoyed the commercials, wasn’t offended by them, or wasn’t grossed out by the humor.  So, with that said, here are my favorites:

The NFL Timeline was great.  I love a sports montage and so this hit the spot for competitive nostalgia.


This KIA Dream Car for Real Life was really enjoyable.  I think in previous year’s the husband’s dream would have ended differently but I really liked how KIA “grounded” the commercial in real life.


The Bridgestone Performance Basketball commercial was also really funny and a great cameo performance from some NBA greats on the NFL’s biggest night.


Budweiser’s Here We Go commercial really made me laugh.  I know that some people will be unimpressed by the way the dog was treated but following the commercial conversation on Twitter, this Budweiser ad started some great conversation about rescue dogs.


The Budweiser Eternal Optimist commercial  was like a 1 minute party spanning 80 years. The costumes, dancing, and music were fun, and the optimistic theme was great.


My favorite commercial of the night was the Chrysler It’s Halftime in America commercial.  What a great surprise to see Clint Eastwood, the former mayor of Carmel, California, in this stoic, gritty and inspiring commercial for Chrysler, Detroit, and America.


The interesting thing about Super Bowl commercials, played when more Americans and the international community are watching the same thing on American TV than any other night of the year, is the positive tone so many of the commercials took.

What was your favorite 60-seconds of the night?

Weekend Wardrobe: Yoga Class

Two weekends ago we stretched, sweated, and savasana’d for three days straight.  Eoin Finn was in town and led a four-part workshop in DC in his version of yoga, blissology.  We have been practicing yoga for a few years now, and so just like I have favorite poses I also have a few favorite outfits.

If you’re just getting into yoga, my tips for dressing include getting over any self-consciousness, and finding what makes you the most comfortable.  You don’t have to buy $100 yoga pants, or made for yoga undergarments.  You might like them, and they all certainly have their benefits, but they aren’t a must have.

Weekend Wear: Yoga Class

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My yoga uniform is leggings, a sports bra and a tank top.  I prefer a skinny legging for yoga, a flare legging will ride up or flip over.  For the holidays I got an infinity scarf and that has been a must have to layer before, during, and after class.

What do you wear to class?

New Chapters

Yesterday was Mark’s birthday.  We’ve been celebrating for nearly a week and have a few more celebrations yet.

But this was a bigger birthday and as we often do, we talked quite a bit about the meaningfulness of birthdays, milestones and markers in our life.

We were talking about chapters and how sometimes you don’t realize that one chapter is ending and another one is beginning, and sometimes you’re acutely aware of it.

Mark thinks he is on the precipice of the next great chapter in his life – which is a really exciting concept to think about.

And, of course sometimes the chapters surprise you.  One such experience we laughed about is that when you’re graduating from college you think that the graduation moment is the real “chapter change.”  But, really its a few months after college, when you’re figuring out what’s next, more independent, perhaps with a job that you realize the significance and gravity of the “chapter change.”

Do you think that milestones can change the chapters in your life?