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Dream Home: Mediterranean Edition

Last time we talked real estate I shared with you, you’re welcome, the best big city loft.  The loft was fabulous, obviously.  But, my true favorite style of house is a cross between Spanish and Mediterranean.

This style is fairly common is South Florida and California.  It should not be confused with “Tuscan” and should not feature an abundance of gold, marble columns, etc.  It should never be confused for “inspired by Macaroni Grill” not should it have any resemblance to anyone’s home on the Real Housewives of New Jersey series.  It should be natural, open, airy, organic – and obviously, fabulous.

I haven’t found “the one” but how fabulous are these details?

Curved and Iron Windows via Design Sponge

Great Great Room via CocoCozy

Curved Entryways via Design Sponge

Backyard via Pinterest

What I love: There are a few consistent details that always call out to me on this style of homes.  I love the tiled roof, the natural stone floors, the pastel kissed stucco walls, the curved  entryways and windows, irons details, floral vines, I could go on forever.

The other benefit of this style of home is its ability to play nice with others.  Because it has a world-traveled aesthetic it perfectly cool with making friends with other new and old and far and near accessories.

Do you have a city home/apartment style?

*Also, it is my birthday this week, so expect for more “my favorite things” style posts than usual!

Dream Home: City Edition

Being married into real estate – Mark is a developer – I look at houses all the time.  At first I only looked at homes in the city where we live and work, but then my imagination got the best of me and began “trolling” real estate in other cities and began to identify what I like and where.

I have a really clear sense of what I like in most settings and over the next few Mondays I’ll be sharing them with you, but first up, the most perfect (in my opinion), city loft apartment.

This is the New York City apartment of Devon and Phil Radizwill as featured in Vogue.

Living Room

Shared Office and Library Space

Fun and Games

Time for Rest

What I love: the clean lines, the enormous original panel windows, the exposed brick, the wood and cement floors, the mix of masculine and feminine design, and the pops of color through beautiful art installations and fresh flowers.

I think of liking real estate in the same way as shopping for a wedding dress, when you know, you know.  There is something about it that just fits better than all the rest.  The other good thing, like a wedding dress, it only has to fit for a short while, not the rest of your life as you know your needs and tastes change.

Do you have a city home/apartment style?


Unusual Homes

Our house is over a hundred years old, and so often I wonder about the people who lived here before we did, what the house and their lives within it looked like at the time.  But our house has always been a house.  What if your house was once a church, or lighthouse, or other functioning space.

Cool or weird?

Many months ago, while real estalking, I came across this “house” in San Francisco.  It was once a church, and if the spirits moved you and you had $6.6 million it might be a great deal.

Check out these very church-like details:

Stain glass windows

Altar and Living Room

Dining Room

Well, at least you’d know that there would be good acoustics and plenty of room for a crowd…


Would you ever live in an unconventional or converted home?


A Hammock at Home

The idea of a hammock seems so completely meant for vacation.  I guess that statement alone is problematic.  Our favorite yogi Eoin Finn talks a lot about Hammock Enlightenment, and really if you  have ever napped in a hammock you know how great it can be: sunlight warming your skin, gentle sway beneath you, peaceful rhythm around you.

I would love a hammock for our backyard in DC, for the approximately 17 days out of the year that provide ideal hammock weather.  In doing my typical real estalking I saw this home, and thought, yes, that is a house perfectly built around a hammock:

Hollywood Hills

This house in the Hollywood Hills is for sale, for a cool $2.98 million.  If you can’t justify that expense for your hammock, you can also go this dreamy and whimsical route…

Camp Treehouse, Photo by Bob Coscarelli, via The Lettered Cottage

This sweet house built around an old Elm tree comes with an even sweeter and lovely story.

For more hammock inspiration, how delightful are these, via Pinterest?

Lanterns, Fringe, Peaceful hammock

Teak, Patterns, Green, Exotic Hammock

Water, Swimsuit, Quiet Hammock


Confessions of a Real Estalker

Some people meditate to help them fall asleep, I do not.

I Real Estalk.  I go into my favorite iPhone App, Redfin, and I search for houses.  I look at Malibu Mansions, Logan Circle Rowhouses, Beachfront bungalows, and my heart swoons.

I recently stumbled across images from an old issue of Veranda magazine.  They were photographs from Jennifer Lopez’s Long Island home.  Let me just say, OH MY GOD!

This home is basically why I love Jennifer’s style – it was classic, clean, glamourous to a tee and beyond sophisticated and timeless.

Here are my favorite pictures:

Patterned floors, gold accents, winding staircase - yes, please!

Two words: the stove. Thank you.

Breakfast table: Pink roses? Check. Cupcakes? Check.

Dark wood floors, nail head accents, sconces, bay windows, airy drapes. Classic beauty.

Guest room glamour: peaches, cream and gold.

What does your dream house look like?

Setting the Stage, Part 2

A few weeks ago I shared my staging inspiration boards for a cute little house in DC.  The house had been completely redone and needed fabulous furniture and decor to make someone’s future house a home.

I loved this living room, it maintained the heritage of the home and yet felt very modern, clean and beyond livable.  
Living Room
Living Room Inspiration
Who doesn’t want to come here for dinner?  Seriously, no one would turn down a seat at this table.
Dining Room
Dining Room Inspiration
Even the bathroom deserves some love, and I love how this little powder room came out – and I love those towels!
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom Inspiration
I didn’t share the inspiration photo for the Master Bedroom, but the real life photo is more than inspiring!  The closet space, the clever office, the way the light floods the room, waking up in here would be a dream come true.

Very happily this house has already sold!  If you like this style of home and live in the DC area, I’ll point you in the direction of the developer Walnut Street Development.  They’re mission is to create better homes, for better living, and this sweet little home illustrates it perfectly.

Master Bedroom