A Hammock at Home

The idea of a hammock seems so completely meant for vacation.  I guess that statement alone is problematic.  Our favorite yogi Eoin Finn talks a lot about Hammock Enlightenment, and really if you  have ever napped in a hammock you know how great it can be: sunlight warming your skin, gentle sway beneath you, peaceful rhythm around you.

I would love a hammock for our backyard in DC, for the approximately 17 days out of the year that provide ideal hammock weather.  In doing my typical real estalking I saw this home, and thought, yes, that is a house perfectly built around a hammock:

Hollywood Hills

This house in the Hollywood Hills is for sale, for a cool $2.98 million.  If you can’t justify that expense for your hammock, you can also go this dreamy and whimsical route…

Camp Treehouse, Photo by Bob Coscarelli, via The Lettered Cottage

This sweet house built around an old Elm tree comes with an even sweeter and lovely story.

For more hammock inspiration, how delightful are these, via Pinterest?

Lanterns, Fringe, Peaceful hammock

Teak, Patterns, Green, Exotic Hammock

Water, Swimsuit, Quiet Hammock


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