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2011 Gift Guide: Edible Edition

This year, I really want to make some of my gifts, and since I was never one for shop class our friends and family can expect gifts made from chocolate and flours, not wood and glue.

I know, of course, that during the holiday season you’re able to find a variety of goods and gummies, but nothing says love, and hopefully “yum”, like something handmade and homemade.

Make: Spice Cookies, Pistachio Trees, Spiced Nuts, Savory Cookies, Caramel Sauce, Ginger Sesame Brittle, Meringues, Almond Bark, Gummy Drops

These edible gifts are my inspiration as I head into the kitchen.  There are a variety of flavors, textures and treats.  I love the idea of surprising bites, and taking classic and traditional treats and adding some sophisticated flavors to them.

What is your favorite edible gift to give?  Tell me in the comments!

2011 Gift Guide: Under $25

When you’re planning your gift giving this season, there are no little people, but there might be a need for little gifts.  Small tidings of joy that share your sentiment without breaking the bank.  These gifts are great for stocking stuffers, colleagues, friends, cousins’ cousins, and people who make the rest of your year easier…  They are also all under $25.

2011: Gifts Under $25

Shop: Bar Set, Knife and Scissors, Lip Scrub, OPI set, Card Holder, Cap, Candy, Phone Case, Frames, Spice Jars

There are gifts here that are great for guys, great for gals, great for foodies, great for funnies.  It is hard to go wrong when giving a gift that you’re thoughtful about!

It’s so great to give a gift that pampers like a new or favorite lip color, nail polish, or very luxe beauty cream.  Everyone loves a gift that feeds a passion, like cooking, entertaining, a sport, or a new career.  And of course, no one turns down a gift that feeds the soul and the stomach – homemade foodie gifts are lovely, and the Peppermint Bark (at World Market for a steal!) cannot be beat.

What is your favorite stocking stuffer?  Tell me in the comments!

2011 Gift Guide: Her Edition

To be totally honest, this “her” edition, is really “my” edition, and if we’re really putting all of our cards on the table, this whole blog is everything I love, want, and adore.  But, I am hopeful that somewhere along the way my favorites might inspire your favorites, too.

Now, to be clear, I don’t “need” anything.  But, everything on this list of “wants” are classic, timeless, and all fairly special.

For this edition of the gift guide I went a little more luxe.  I think the women in our lives are always being thoughtful and taking care, these little (and big) treats are a very, very nice way to treat her at this gift giving season.

2011: Her Gifts

Shop: Sweater, Robe, Espadrille, Perfume, Wallet, Pump, Love, Peonies, Prana, Macarons, Virgin America

So, some of these items are all about sparkle: a sequin sweater, a token of love for a little finger.

Some are meant for starting the year off on the right foot: a sky high espadrille (*serious swoon for this Florida girl!), a sophisticated pump for evening.

Some are meant to spoil: a lovely new fragrance and silky new robe for luxuriating about.

Some are meant to satiate: a favorite candy, cookie or treat (*Bouchon’s macarons are second to none).

Some are meant store-all: a chic new wallet, an equally chic yoga mat.

Some are meant to create starry eyes and memories: a mystery flight somewhere fabulous, or monthly delivery of flowers, love notes, dinners out, days off.

What is your favorite gift to give the girl in your life, or maybe gift to yourself?  Tell me in the comments!

2011 Gift Guide: His Edition

Listen, I know, sometimes it can be nearly impossible to shop for guys.  I get it.  They don’t make wish lists, or drop hints, and generally if they want something they get it.  Oh man, men!

So my rule for shopping for Mark, the man in my life, is to just have fun with it.  I listen carefully to the things he mentions, the articles/songs/books he gets excited about, and otherwise I am left with my own creativity.

For this “his edition” of the gift guide I was extra playful, a little old school and hopefully a lot of fun.

2011: Gifts for Him

Shop: Beer, Soda, RC Helicopter, Pac-Man, Coffee, Batman, Tie, Parking Ticket, Shirt, Breaking Bad, Atlas

When I found a lot of these gifts it was with Mark in mind.  What I really like about them is that they straddle the gap between grown up and kid – and if there is ever a time to act or feel like a kid, it is definitely at the holidays.

A lot of these gifts are food/drink related – and I think that’s great for a guy – they’re consumable and don’t require much thought.  Check out microbreweries, coffee roasters, beef jerky makers, etc, for cool monthly or weekly gifts.  I also really loved the old school favorites from yesteryear that are now updated like the modern movie posters, RC racers, and Pac-Man.  If your guy needs some grown up gear nothing beats a perfect fitting shirt, crisp tie, timely reading, and a kitschy tray to catch all.

What is your favorite gift to give guys?  Tell me in the comments!

2011 Gift Guide: Home Edition

With Thanksgiving officially behind us all that remains is some leftover pies, a renewed commitment to working out and a big holiday shopping list!

At some point when you’re a “real adult” the joys of the holiday season extend beyond gift receiving into gift giving.  I have found a collection of favorite gifts for hopefully everyone on your list, at a variety of prices, and this week I will be sharing them all with you.

First up: gifts for home.  If your home is your castle, than the holiday season is the perfect time to gift people with little treats and trinkets that they might not ordinarily splurge on for themselves.

2011: Gifts for the Home

Shop: Napkin, Bowls, Bottle Stop, Throw, Coaster, Candle, Snuffer, Poster, Ornaments

When I found a lot of these gifts it was with a new homeowner in mind.  They are special items that can’t be picked up at Bed & Beyond or IKEA, and can make even the smallest “starter” apartment feel like home.

Great gifts for the new homeowner include art to celebrate the home, ornaments for their first tree or a real menorah, a ultra soft throw blanket to upgrade from their college fleece, luxe kitchen and entertaining trinkets for when the parties graduate from kegger to cocktails.

What is your favorite gift to give for the home?  Tell me in the comments!

Holiday Shopping: Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

There is always someone on your list who seems to have everything, or really “need” nothing.  (Maybe that someone is you!)  In which case, the perfect gift might need to tell a story, share a memory, be personalized, or add a little extra sparkle to an otherwise everyday item.

The gifts for the gal who has everything can be the most challenging and also the most delightful.  Let the gift giving begin:

Let the gift giving begin!
  • Start the holiday season with some sparkle.  For those with trees give them a gift that marks the season with a little sparkle like this Swarovski snowflake ornament.
  • I have never had these but I just know that I would love them.  Levain Bakery’s chocolate walnut cookies are famous for being supersized and super delicious.  They are large enough to encourage sharing and that’s what the season is all about, after all.
  • Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, these I have had, and yes, they are delicious.  They are beautiful, super moist, and here is a tip order in advance so you can skip the lines!
  • Have a memorable moment!  Find a treat from a favorite treat, for us it would be Coconut Candy from Julia in Maui.
  • Make them gift unable to be regifted with a monogrammed and personalized item.  I love the fit of this RL Jacket.
  • Give the gift of glamour with a staple (belt) with extra jazz (feathers), a year of flowers, or a satin clutch from the new collection from Tiffany & Co.
All of these gifts are a delight and happily are available in a variety of price points.  The perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive and out of reach, it just needs to be made special with thought.

Happy Gift Giving for Someone as Special as You.

Holiday Shopping: Gifts For Your Favorite Couple

Christmas is 45 days away and Hanukkah is just 20 days away – that lunar candle can really mess up your planning! What does this mean?  It means it’s time to shop!  Have you made your list?  I am making mine.  Holiday season gift giving is always tricky; it should be special, it should be memorable, and it should be sustainable (by which I mean you should not go into debt buying your gifts).  Over the next few weeks I will share my top picks for all kinds of people, in all kinds of price ranges!

Today we’ll start with gifts for the favorite couple in your life.  Truly, I would love any of these gifts, even the funny ones! 
For gifts for a couple I try to look for items that both people can enjoy; great items like the wine-of-the-month club, champagne glasses to toast to their happiness, personalized wall art, and even the Smitten Mittens which I think are just beyond funny.

A personal favorite of mine is the gift of breakfast in bed, the Zabar’s basket is an extra special treat, but the idea behind nearly all of these gifts is that they are to treat both people, and they go a little above and beyond so that the couple in mind can enjoy each other most of all!

Happy Gift Giving!