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Sweet Wedding Idea: Travel Inspired

It’s funny how a sweet song, a scrap of fabric, a special color, or a favorite place can set your wedding planning in motion.

I spotted this stunning photograph from an Atlanta wedding, designed by the talented team of Amy Osaba.

This wedding had an Old Hollywood inspired travel theme, but all it reminded me of was the raspy and soulful, “Come Away with Me” by Norah Jones.


You never know where you’ll find inspiration, or when it will find you.

Open your eyes, ears, and heart to be inspired.

Wedding Inspiration: Summer Camp

Summer lovin’ for a bride and groom with a camp side wedding, it is a blast.  There are a lot of variations on the “summer wedding” but I really like the sweetness of this inspiration board.

This wedding, set in a bucolic outdoor setting, is dotted with DIY touches, kraft paper invitation suites, twinkle lights from the stars above, twine wrapped florals, a canteen that would any camper smile, and a bridal party in classic gray and green.


What do you think?  Could you say I do at Camp Happily Ever After?

Source: Ceremony/Invitation/Sign/Centerpiece/Bride/Groom/Maid/Menu/Buffet/Campsite

Champagne Wedding Inspiration

Is there nothing more festive than Champagne?  It’s seductive and whimsical, it’s bubbly and sparkly, it’s celebratory and grand.  Just like this wedding inspiration board.

Champagne Wedding Inspiration

Source: Print, Gown, Dress, Tutu, Flutes, Bouquet, Centerpiece, Cake, Salad, Shoes

There is no greater time to lavish yourself, your friends and family with a little extra sparkle.  The Champagne toast, or Prosecco, or sparkling water is a mainstay in the wedding reception and so why not carry that moment throughout the entire reception.

This inspiration board has a softened neutral color palette of blushes, sages, creams and butter play beautifully with the sparkle and effervescence of gold.  As a play on the whimsy that Champagne often induces the traditional wedding mainstays are made playful with details like clever prints, rock candy in Champagne flutes, delightful snacks, glittering bows and fluffy flower girl tutus.

What do you think, would you be inspired by a glass of Champagne for your wedding?

Make an Entrance

I have been known to try to make an entrance, and well, friends, if there is ever a day to do it, it is your wedding day.  Let’s be real here, on that day you are the star and the star should arrive in a pretty major way.

The dress, veil, glam hair and makeup certainly help, but the aisle set’s the stage.  Here are some of my favorite settings to make that entrance for the beginning of “Here Comes the Bride…”

Major! Abundant Ceremony Space in Greens and White in Indonesia by Nefi

Classic New York by Christian Oth

A Curtain Moment, by Birch, Photographed by Lisa Lefkowitz

An English Garden Wedding for Kate Moss

Dum, Dum, da Dum…. Which style would you be wishing for?

Plum Wedding Inspiration for Fall

We’re quickly approaching fall and that means for autumn brides the planning is down to the details: choosing the just right color, for their just perfect day.  I am finding a lot of inspiration in the heavily saturated tones from the Fall runways.  A major standout is shades of red.

I have assembled an inspiration board with colors based on the beautiful colors of a plum, from the inside of light golden yellows and oranges to the outside skin of deep red.

Plum Fall Wedding Inspiration

If I am may say so myself, I love this inspiration board. I love that it is natural and earthy without being “granola” – not that there is anything wrong with that.  It playfully dances around the traditional color palette of autumn leaves, but has a sense of elegance and sophistication even though there is a kaleidoscope of colors at play.

So, what do you think?  Does this make you excited for fall?

Source: Gown, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl, Cake, Earring, Stationery, Bouquet, Plate, Drinks, Centerpiece

A Blushing Bride

This weekend was “The Reality Starlet/Professional Athlete Wedding of the Year”.  I say that in quotes because I truly think, cheesy as it may be, that on your wedding day, when you are the bride, your own wedding is always the “wedding of the year” with any hope, it is the “wedding of your lifetime.”  With that said, I will watch the E! Wedding Special in October.

In the previews I really liked Kim’s two-toned theme and it inspired me, with a slight variation, instead of black and ivory I chose black and blush.

A Wedding in Blush

Two thoughts: I think sometimes people see a pink wedding as being very specifically feminine, which is easy to imagine, but I think when paired with black and pared down in simple lines, and clean shapes it is actually a very lovely compromise, just like marriage should be.

So, what do you think?  Could you have a wedding in just two colors?

Source: Gown at StylePage, Invitation, Tablesetting, Centerpiece, Desserts, Bouquet

Go Green for Weddings

My standout favorite in the color category was the Oscar de la Renta dress with a sage belt and cotton candy like confection wrapping the model’s shoulders.  It has since inspired a Green and White Wedding Board with a focus on texture, color and a bit of whimsy.  Green tulle calls for whimsy!

I really wanted to incorporate the satin-bow as seen on the bride, and featured it on the flower girl and the flower “embroidered” cake.  I wanted lots of texture so I loved the olive tree centerpiece for the escort card table and the freshness of the florals and drink.  And of course for a touch of sweetness and whimsy is there anything more whimsical than cotton candy?

Row 1: Oscar de la Renta Spring 2010, Cake via Brides.com
Row 2: Real Weddings Invitation, via Brides.com, Real Weddings Florals, via Brides.com
Row 3: Fox N’ Lily Flower Girl Dress, via Brides.com, Escort Card Table by David Stark Design, via Brides.com, Plaza Pinnacle Drink by CPS Events at The Plaza, via Brides.com, Green Apple Cotton Candy by AIX NYC, via Brides.com, 
What color combinations are you loving for now, or later?  It’s okay to dream (plan) ahead!

Seeing Green, Pink and Blue

This past week was Bridal Market in New York, my invitation was lost in the mail but thanks to the various people I follow on Twitter and Brides.com I had a virtual front row seat.  A few trends really stuck out to me, and the first was the presence of color in a sea of white.

In a conversation I had last night I told someone there is no right or wrong way to get married, only your way.  These dresses are the visual illustration of that theme.  You can wear whatever you want, and now in whatever color.  Here are some of my favorites:

For Spring I love the bold, and the slight touches of soft sage green.  It is fresh, light and a really lovely take for a bold bride.

Oscar de la Renta – Spring 2012, via Brides.com

Vera Wang – Spring 2012, via Brides.com
Two trends that I loved were the surprising supersized stripes on Carolina Herrera’s runway, and the ombre dyed Oscar de la Renta in radiant blue.

Oscar de la Renta – Spring 2012, via Brides.com
Carolina Herrera – Spring 2012, via Brides.com
In a more classical turn, the runways were filled with swaths of blush, mauve, pinks and lavenders.  The beauty of the bridal bouquet and some ballerina style have influenced the wedding gown.

Monique Lhuillier – Spring 2012, via Brides.com

Reem Acra – Spring 2012, via Brides.com

Rivini – Spring 2012, via Brides.com

Vera Wang – Spring 2012, via Brides.com
Watters – Spring 2012, via Brides.com

I’ll Meet You at the Bar

I am not a big drinker, but I love a bar.  I love a cookie dunking, cheese cutting, drink making, ice cream cone stacking, pie slicing bar.  I love it so much that for our wedding I recruited family to make our favorite cookies which were artfully displayed in beautiful glass domes and trays.  

What inspired my cookie bar – Ariel Yve Wedding via StyleMePretty.com
The Viennese table of my bat mitzvah youth, and the all-you-can-eat buffet of my worst nightmares have been elevated to a chic level of sophistication and grace.  You can blame it on food bloggers, food stylists, but Amy Atlas is the pro who has made it an art.  
Gone are over flowing trays of cheddar cheese cubs and sad excuses for French pastries.  In their places are authentic foods, comfort foods, real foods in smaller portions and beautifully displayed.
Ice Cream is amazing, but how much sweeter do you think it tastes when this is how it looks?  Probably a thousand times sweeter is my guess. 

Ice Cream Parlour Chic by Eat Drink Chic
I don’t know too many studs who would be plussed by a spud bar, but perhaps the happy homemaker in all of us would make this for her spud loving stud (or little spud stud baby). 

Spud Bar by Botanic Flowers, Photo by TinyWater
Ahh, the cheese plate has grown into a cheese table!  Is this not the most simple and elegant display of some of nature and man’s best creations (honey and cheese)?  

Cheese Table by Sunday Suppers
We see a lot of cookies, cakes and pies, but how absolutely delightful to see fruits and vegetables (and their favorite dips) all beautifully displayed and taking center stage?  This shows that eating whole and healthily is beautiful.   

Fruit and Veggie Bar at Ohdeedoh

As I menu plan for the upcoming Passover holiday I can’t help but be inspired by the creative presentations and artful edibles.

Light as a Feather


Inspiration can come from anywhere, a song, a season, and as we’ve seen here a dress.  Lately I have been piqued by the Beyond Vintage Feather Dress; in silk and dove gray it might be the perfect dress for spring and it would transition seamlessly, with the ease of a feather, from day to night.

Beyond Vintage Feather Dress at Barneys New York
Let’s see how a feather inspires an entire wedding scheme.  With the hues of dove gray, creams, golds and the softest shade of pink the look is elegant, sophisticated, soft and airy. 
Dove Grey Feather Wedding
Here are some key items that stand out and are easy to replicate for any space: the sweet gilded bird cage for cards, or best wishes; the long table shrouded in twinkle lights and branches; soft and feather light peony flowers; the soft glow of candle light; a feather detail on a boutonniere; the wisp of silk chiffon on a wedding gown; dainty feather earrings as a gift for the girls.

Inspiration can come from anywhere – I hope you are surrounded by things and people that inspire you.