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Plum Wedding Inspiration for Fall

We’re quickly approaching fall and that means for autumn brides the planning is down to the details: choosing the just right color, for their just perfect day.  I am finding a lot of inspiration in the heavily saturated tones from the Fall runways.  A major standout is shades of red.

I have assembled an inspiration board with colors based on the beautiful colors of a plum, from the inside of light golden yellows and oranges to the outside skin of deep red.

Plum Fall Wedding Inspiration

If I am may say so myself, I love this inspiration board. I love that it is natural and earthy without being “granola” – not that there is anything wrong with that.  It playfully dances around the traditional color palette of autumn leaves, but has a sense of elegance and sophistication even though there is a kaleidoscope of colors at play.

So, what do you think?  Does this make you excited for fall?

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Plum Romance

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and as summer very quickly winds down it is a reminder that fall is around the corner.  Fall, to me, sparks the beginning of something grand.  The colors, crispness and start of the celebrating season all connote a sense of royalty, grandeur and glamour.

For a bride getting married in the fall, I say go for glamour.  
Four Season Palo Alto Wedding

When I first saw this picture I was in awe.  It is romantic, glamorous, sophisticated, but it doesn’t scream “wedding!”  With a few tweaks it could easily be the setting for another fabulous social event.

In this image, the impact is all in the color.  There isn’t an abundance of flowers, and if working creatively as shown in this wedding you can use fabrics to supplement the visual impact floral arrangements would typically provide.

I wanted to imagine what the rest of this wedding might look like for you.

I took the liberty of adding a classic and very glamorous wedding cake, and picking out the wedding attire, and outfitting a black and white post wedding lounge party.  Also, how great are the bow topped candles? I think they would be great as a favor.
Purple is the color for royalty, and on a wedding day every bride is a queen.