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Sweater Season

This weekend put to an end any hope for a warm or mild fall and winter.  It was snowing in DC and all up the East coast.  It is officially time to pull out sweaters, scarfs, mittens and boots – and that’s okay.  In addition to being the “most wonderful time of the year” – it is also the most fashionable time!

In my fall wardrobe a little sweater goes a long way.  Because I am almost always cold, I like the layer a basic tank under a slim sweater.  The sweater and skinny jean combination has become my fall uniform because it allows me to go to warmer or cooler in a snap.  Trade out flats for boots and add a jacket and then I’m ready for winter.

Sweater Season: Fall 2011

This little sweater triumvirate is great because it sort of eliminates the notion that a sweater is either a. sweats, or b. grandma or art teacher attire.  These are chic, fun, and as young as they are sophisticated.  I would wear all of these sweaters at any time, you know with the rest of the uniform (skinny jeans + tank + flats or boots).

Be retro collegiate in slim sweaters with stripes of various sizes.  The retro vibe comes from the neutral and rust color palette and the modesty of the crew neckline.   The fit here is slim and youthful, and would be great paired with a school girl jacket.   Tip: Pick a sweater with the most skin tone flattering colors a the top (near your face) and with darker colors at your midsection)
Shop: Bold, Skinny, Many
Be runway inspired, and take a cue from Jason Wu’s use of lace and ladylike embellishment for Fall 2011.  These slim sweaters go undercover and add an element of feminine mystique with embellishments like subtle bows, and dainty lace.  Pair these with tailored pants and skirts for a fall/winter dinner engagement, or play with opposites and go sporty and tough with your lace.  Tip: You can also easily DIY this look with the simple stitching of lace on the sleeves of a favorite sweater.
Shop: Bow, Trim, Shoulders
Be ready for anything but the gym in sweaters inspired by sweats.  I am enrolling in Fashion Ed. as opposed to Phys. Ed. and embracing the easy fit of a sweatshirt with the added embellishments and details that make it fashion.  Still here: ribbed cuffs, hems, and vent stitching at the collar.  Gone are the oversize silhouettes, and anything resembling a Hanes Beefy anything.  In its place is delicate stitching, sequins, and playful patterns.  Find the right slim fit, too big and bulky you might as well wear sweats.  Tip: Look embellishment that is delicate, the emphasis here is playing with opposites.
Shop: Cropped, Hearts, Spots


What is your sweater style this fall?

Jacket Season

We’re having some warmer temperatures this week – not complaining! – but fall and it’s brisk temperatures and cool breezes is soon to come.  Let’s fashionably plan ahead.

A must have item (or items) for fall, is definitely the blazer/tailored jacket.  I am having a bit of a blazer moment. I think a fitted jacket is to your wardrobe what mascara is to your makeup collection, an instant pick me-up, and a polished finish.

Jackets for Fall 2011

The core of my wardrobe is a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top and I would wear all of these jackets with that base.  Swap out different shoes and accessories and I am set for the season.

Be school girl chic in traditional styles featuring tartans, plaid, and elbow patches.  The fit here is slim and youthful, too structured and boxy and it may look like you borrowed a Captain’s jacket.  Tip: Shop the boy’s section for a snug fit with this look. 
Shop: Plaid, Patches, Tweed
Make a statement in jackets with details that speak volumes.  Play with bold and bright colors, beaded details, and rich fabrics.  Pair these jackets with simple pieces so as to not look overly done or matronly.  Tip: Shop vintage and thrift stores to find great colors and patterns at great prices, a simple tailoring can update the fit.
Shop: Pink, Beaded, Satin
Be stylish on the weekend in Saturday perfect jackets.  Easy to add to an outfit, and not cumbersome for weekend errands, these jackets are warm and made from tough fabrics: leather, knits and velvets.  Find the right slim fit, too big and bulky you might as well wear sweats.  Tip: Shop in unexpected places like the active section as many fitness/casual brands also add non-workout clothes to the mix.
Shop: Velvet, Leather, Trench


What is your jacket style this fall?

Printed Lady for Fall 2011

This summer I was in love with tribal inspired prints and patterns and was excited to see more of the same on the Fall 2011 Runways.  For Fall the look is still exotic but perhaps because of the darker and richer colors, the chartreuse, gold, plums, and berries it feels richer, a bit more regal, but still very well traveled.

La Bohome: Oscar de la Renta, Naeem Khan, L.A.M.B.

My favorite ways to replicate that high-end, runway look are here:

The Bohemian Lady for Fall 2011

Source: Dress, Dress, Dress, Maxi, Jacket, Blouse, Skirt, Bag, Bracelets, Earrings, Ring



Are you into prints for fall?  Would you wear this very bold and colorful look?

Glittering Gold for Fall 2011

A classic trend in evening wear, and one that was a star for me on the Fall 2011 runways was the abundance of muted, but still glistening gold.  In a variety of textures the gold that walked the runway was more tarnished, aged, and organic without losing any of it’s sparkle.

Golden Girls: Monique Lhuillier, Jenny Packham, Donna Karan

An obvious choice for evening wear, these gold pieces are glamorous and include an additional element of sophistication so as to never be compared with your Bat Mitzvah dress.

Here are some ways to wear gold that says fabulous, not flash.

Golden Era, Fall 2011

Source: Gown, Dress, Dress, Dress, Fringe Skirt, Patch Skirt, Tiered Skirt, Pump, Bow Clutch, Clutch, Earrings

What do you think?  Gold digging for Fall 2011?

It Only Happens Twice a Year

That’s right, Nordstrom is having there semi-annual sale, we have talked about this phenomenon before, but time has gone by so quickly I didn’t realize we were back to sale time.  So, really it turns out that my night-time iPhone searches has paid off for both of us. 

Last time I pointed out all of the things I wanted, which looking back may have been selfish… Although, it did made sense because it’s my blog, and I don’t really know what you, as a reader, need at Nordstrom.  This time I will point out the best bets, deals, and a few favorites.  Besides, it’s almost the holidays you can treat yourself early!

Let’s venture into the shoe department: of all of the premium department stores (Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Saks 5th Avenue, Neiman Marcus) I consistently think that Nordstrom has the best shoe department.  (No, they don’t have shoes with red soles, but honestly not many people can afford shoes with red soles.)

The Hunter boots are a great investment and one you’ll appreciate in fall and spring, and something I typically cannot justify paying retail for.  The Puma sneakers I own, and they’re great – seriously, easy wear.  The Via Spiga Boots are so classic that if you can keep them in good shape you can wear them forever, and the Stuart Weitzman style are a good deal on a hot boot, so that’s always hard to turn down.  The Pelle Moda and Charles David are good steals and good pair to pick up because you never know when you’ll need a statement shoe and it’s good to have options on hand.
Now that your feet are fashionably dressed, here are some shopping tips from me to you, with love: 
  • Make an investment in color:
It’s called the Jackie, I featured it for the Madonna: Dress Like an Icon post, and it is awesome.  The satin sheath is going to be a shape that will always be in style; D&G has an impeccable fit for dresses that fall into the category of look at me and the color is gorgeous.  Please, do it for both of us.

  • Save on trends:
This tyle skirt has been on every Kardashian in the country, and it makes sense: it is designed to highlight curves whether they exist or not.  This is not a classic skirt and you will not always love it, and unless your job is to be a Kardashian impersonator you cannot wear it to work.  You will not pay retail for the Sculptors Draped Skirt by Elizabeth & James.
  • Convince yourself to own something sequined; if sequins aren’t too much for the First Lady of the United States it is not too much for you. 
  • Do not pay retail for an evening clutch, if it’s not out of this world the price tag shouldn’t be either. 
  • Do not EVER pay retail for costume jewelry, it’s silly and there is no reason to put an investment is something that even you won’t appreciate in a few years.
  • Do not hesitate.  If you have been eyeing that tweeded Milly Jacket and couldn’t justify before and you still long for it, now is the time; if you think you’d like to finally try out skinny jeans I beg of you, please go for it.  Sales are great to try a trend, a new color or shape, stay true to your personal style and save.
I would love to know what will you try out – on sale?

P.s.Did you know that the Nordstrom Rack is also online?  Score one for savvy shoppers!

Friend Friday: Fall Fashion

I recently discovered a community of bloggers, organized by Katy at Modly Chic, that dedicate a post every Friday to a series of questions.  So far the questions have covered a wide range of issues that all women face – but this week’s is nice and light, and a good place to start.

1. What new fashion trend are you looking forward to sporting this fall?
Trends are always cyclical, and there are a few things that are guaranteed to show up season after season.  For instance, I know in the spring I’m choosing between florals and whimsy, and in the fall I’ll enjoy darker tones, luxe knits and wovens and boots, boots, boots!  A trend that I am excited about for this fall is the military trend that’s been popping up for a little ago.  I am not interested in the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club/Michael Jackson/Balmain style military – I want utilitarian, a little slouchy, but slim cut so I’m not drowning military jacket.

2. Which item in your closet is most likely to be your go-to transition piece?
Scarves!  If I wouldn’t look crazy in 90 degree weather, I would wear scarves all year long.  My wardrobe trends towards a muted palette and a scarf is an instant source for color, sparkle or flair.  Plus, it’s an easy and often inexpensive item that can completely change the look of an outfit.

3. What item from last year are you looking forward to reinventing this fall? 
Boots.  For a few years when the weather has turned I live in a flat boot that is sort of the love child of a motorcycle boot and a riding boot.  The shape is lean enough so that it’s not overly bulky, but tough enough that I wear it with dresses and skirts for an instant edge.

4. What is your favorite part about this time of the year?
There is so much to love about fall, in no particular order, here is my list: Football season, leaves, apples and honey, apple pie, hot chocolate, tail gates, apple cider, Halloween, my anniversary (my husband and I met on Halloween), Thanksgiving, my birthday, family, friends, sweaters, fireplaces, color, cinnamon, escaping to Florida to beat the chill.
5. Will you be attending any fashion events this fall? 

In my former job as a creative director for a fashion e-retailer I went to the trade shows every fall.  It is a flurry of fashion and a lot of fun, but for now I’ll keep up with the runway reports online and in the magazines.

Come Sale Away

My friend Jaci, of EverydaySassypants.com fame, and I often talk shop in our gchats throughout the week. This week we stumbled across the Nordstrom Annual Sale, we played what I like to call “What would I like on this page?” and what she and her sisters called “that’s me”. The point of the game is that you shop with a friend/sister and know so clearly what matches their personal style that you could pick it out for them.

After many years of shopping at Loehmann’s throughout college and then on Shopstyle together, Jaci and I know each other’s style. I was inspired by her own virtual fall sale shopping spree and decided to share my own for the Nordstrom sale.

What I love about Jaci’s style is her ability to play with a variety of textures and materials and unique hardware to create a look that is playful, colorful, but always really well put together and sophisticated. We’ve determined, my style is “classic”, and there’s no denying that here.Calvin Klein Split Neck Knit Sheath – I am liking this because the fit looks fantastic (the knit fabric is going to continue to hold it’s shape) and because I feel like it could easily be dressed up for a day to night piece.

Halogen Draped Dolman Sweater –So, this is something I would wear anywhere. I’d wear it with leggings and boots, jeans, with a black pencil skirt for a playful twist on workwear. I think this might be a winner.

BCBGMAXAZRIA Quilted Knit Jacket I see this jacket and think I should find a way to wear this in the fall to pick apples, drink cider and sit by the fire… and probably should wear it with the Vince Ponte Knit Riding Pant.

Having a glamorous moment? These sunglasses might do the trick. Check out the
Burberry Oversized Sunglasses.

So I really don’t wear a watch, but if I was this would be it, Michael Kors Runway Watch . It’s a great play on the men’s watch and fairly affordable for a watch (sale or not.)

Fall is all about the boot. As I have become a more practiced city commuter I have grown more aware of the need for practical, comfortable, flat boots and these are a favorite for fall, Stuart Weitzman Hammer Boot.

The Valentino ‘Small’ Nappa Leather Satchel is not on sale. But, Mr. Valentino if you want to become friends/family and do a special, I’m all for this number.

Happy Shopping! Fall will be here before you know it!