It Only Happens Twice a Year

That’s right, Nordstrom is having there semi-annual sale, we have talked about this phenomenon before, but time has gone by so quickly I didn’t realize we were back to sale time.  So, really it turns out that my night-time iPhone searches has paid off for both of us. 

Last time I pointed out all of the things I wanted, which looking back may have been selfish… Although, it did made sense because it’s my blog, and I don’t really know what you, as a reader, need at Nordstrom.  This time I will point out the best bets, deals, and a few favorites.  Besides, it’s almost the holidays you can treat yourself early!

Let’s venture into the shoe department: of all of the premium department stores (Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Saks 5th Avenue, Neiman Marcus) I consistently think that Nordstrom has the best shoe department.  (No, they don’t have shoes with red soles, but honestly not many people can afford shoes with red soles.)

The Hunter boots are a great investment and one you’ll appreciate in fall and spring, and something I typically cannot justify paying retail for.  The Puma sneakers I own, and they’re great – seriously, easy wear.  The Via Spiga Boots are so classic that if you can keep them in good shape you can wear them forever, and the Stuart Weitzman style are a good deal on a hot boot, so that’s always hard to turn down.  The Pelle Moda and Charles David are good steals and good pair to pick up because you never know when you’ll need a statement shoe and it’s good to have options on hand.
Now that your feet are fashionably dressed, here are some shopping tips from me to you, with love: 
  • Make an investment in color:
It’s called the Jackie, I featured it for the Madonna: Dress Like an Icon post, and it is awesome.  The satin sheath is going to be a shape that will always be in style; D&G has an impeccable fit for dresses that fall into the category of look at me and the color is gorgeous.  Please, do it for both of us.

  • Save on trends:
This tyle skirt has been on every Kardashian in the country, and it makes sense: it is designed to highlight curves whether they exist or not.  This is not a classic skirt and you will not always love it, and unless your job is to be a Kardashian impersonator you cannot wear it to work.  You will not pay retail for the Sculptors Draped Skirt by Elizabeth & James.
  • Convince yourself to own something sequined; if sequins aren’t too much for the First Lady of the United States it is not too much for you. 
  • Do not pay retail for an evening clutch, if it’s not out of this world the price tag shouldn’t be either. 
  • Do not EVER pay retail for costume jewelry, it’s silly and there is no reason to put an investment is something that even you won’t appreciate in a few years.
  • Do not hesitate.  If you have been eyeing that tweeded Milly Jacket and couldn’t justify before and you still long for it, now is the time; if you think you’d like to finally try out skinny jeans I beg of you, please go for it.  Sales are great to try a trend, a new color or shape, stay true to your personal style and save.
I would love to know what will you try out – on sale?

P.s.Did you know that the Nordstrom Rack is also online?  Score one for savvy shoppers!

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