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At the midpoint of this winter season I am struck with a real case of wanderlust that the typical stay-cation doesn’t seem capable of curing.  DC’s cold, windy and gray days have me longing for a some salt water and icy drinks, instead of salty sidewalks and icy windows.

The New York Times puts out a list of “must-see” places for each year, and they are all across the spectrum and all around the world.  That’s a good start for inspiration, but I already have a good sized list going.

What places are on your travel wishlist?



South Africa!


These are just a small handful of the world I have yet to see and explore.  Where are your Top 3 travel destinations?

A Bathroom for Two

In my whole life I have never had my own bathroom (not terribly uncommon), and in thinking about it, I don’t think I ever will.  It is such an obviously private place, that we really so often share.

Growing up my sister and I shared a bathroom, the walls of which are thick with layers of paint, an exercise of our childhood creativity.  In college I lived in a dormitory and shared three stalls with many, many girls, and then a bathroom with my girlfriends.  And now, Mark and I share bathrooms.

Technically, our house has more bathrooms than people, but they are both pretty small and we tend to gather in the bathroom nearest our bedroom.

So we jostle at the sink, you rinse, I spit.  I gurgle, you scrub.  That kind of routine.  We talked about what a dream house would one day look like, and  I think it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) it would have one fabulous bathroom…

Oui! A bathroom for Two!

Clean and Cool, Spa Bathroom

Dark and Rustic Retreat

Would your dream house have a dream bathroom?  What does it look like?

Faux Real Color Blocking: Looks for Less

How have your New Year resolutions been going?  Hitting the gym daily? Twice a day?  Cut out all alcohol?  Chocolate?  Junk Food?  No.  Yea… me either.  Well, my friends the color block is here to hide a bevvy of spots, and create new curves that your Pilates instructor only warned you about.

The lady like sheath dress has a cut a place for itself as a fashion must-have on everyone from Victoria Beckham to Michelle Obama, but this past fall Kate Winslet with a lot of help from Stella McCartney turned the volume up on the sheath to take it from lady to vamp.

Kate Winslet in the Stella McCartney Octavia Dress - Us Weekly

The Octavia dress has been referred to by stylists as a girdle, and being capable of holding everything in the right spot, while also visually creating the illusion of a very svelte hourglass.  All of this nipping and tucking when Stella McCartney is your fabric surgeon comes with a price, and no insurance won’t cover it… So we look for the look for less.

The first “save” option is from Evan Piccone (at Macy’s).  While not quite as va-va-voom as the Octavia is cuts a slim figure with the color blocked side panels and is probably the best bet for a day time look.

Evan Piccone Dress

In the “splurge” category is the Asher Paneled Dress by VPL.  Taking inspiration from a slip and underpinnings this is definitely a younger and sexier style, but is balanced by a casual fabric in stretch terry.  In this case the panels are more subtle and accomplish the same knockout curves.

VPL Asher Dress

In the “savings account” category we have the Octavia, but also the Color Block Sheath Dress by Jason Wu.  I actually like the Jason Wu dress better, the geometry in the paneling feels modern to me, but if you’ve got “savings account” to play with it’s an easy guarantee that either dress would turn heads.

Jason Wu Colorblock Dress

Would you wear this shape-shifting dress?  And is it something you would be willing to splurge on?

Happy Anniversary to Us

Two years ago today Mark and I were joined by our families and friends as we exchanged vows and became husband and wife. On that day we joined two families, we toasted each other and the people we love, we danced, we sang, we kissed.

And I got to marry my best friend.  Happy Anniversary, Mark.  I love you.


Yoga Weekend

This weekend our favorite Yogi, Eoin Finn, is coming to DC and we are maxing out on yoga-time with a session tonight, two tomorrow, and one on Sunday.  If that doesn’t have someone feeling the bliss, I don’t really know what will.

I am really excited to have the weekend to unwind, to connect, and flow.

In honor of our yoga weekend, and with a bit of a sense of humor, I share with you this funny video about yoga culture from Lululemon.

Because, really, who hasn’t had yoga hair?

The Winter Wedge

In August I snagged a steal on Rue La La – a pair of Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee boots with a slim leg and a hidden heel.  Do you know what it is like to be in possession of OTK leather boots when it is still 90-100 degrees outside?  It is torture.

But, of course, summer doesn’t last forever, and as the temperature has dropped my love for these boots has grown.  I love them with my skinniest jeans, leggings, and tights.

The heel flatters and elongates the leg, and the “hidden” keeps it casual and not too aggressive for day-time.

I think you might love them too:

Shop: Lanvin, Dolce Vita, Tahari, Carlos Santana, Report, Stuart Weitzman


Would you wear this trend, too?  I dare you to try it!


2012 Golden Globe Fashion Recap

Last night was the Golden Globes, Hollywood’s biggest party of the year, and the host for the party was none other than perhaps a little sloppy (and maybe a little stiff) Ricky Gervais.  The winners weren’t overly surprising, and either was the telecast, or the Red Carpet.

There were some winners: George, Meryl, the Descendants… and then there were some real winners…. on to the carpet!

Best Dressed:  I can’t recall the last movie that featured more than Salma’s voice, but she was a welcomed addition to the Red Carpet.  She shined brightly in beaded Gucci.

Salma Hayek, Gucci, Golden Globes 2012

Maybe their Daughter Picked their Dress, but Still Best Dressed:  Jessica Alba, the mother to two daughters, was beautiful in a lavender hued Gucci dress.  I am sure her stylist picked it out, but this is the dress of every little girl’s dreams.

Jessica Alba, Gucci, Golden Globes 2012

Rumor has is Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr’s daughter did pick out this dress, and I love it.  SMG wore Monique Lhuillier for a triumphant and bold return to the Red Carpet.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Monique Lhuillier, Golden Globes 2012

Best Color Story: Better in Red

Angelina (Versace), Natalie (Lanvin), Emma (Lanvin), Viola (Emilio Pucci), Tina (Oscar de la Renta)

In varying degrees these leading ladies chose red for the Red Carpet moment: the look was modern, glamorous, deco-dent, sweeping and glamorous.

Now, it’s time to get into the more uncomfortable portion of the review, the ladies whose dresses made them look uncomfortable:

These stars are all mega-watt or at least on their way to becoming so, and their dresses were either a little too tight, a little too loose, or way too loose.  Can someone find a stylist?

Kate Winslet, Jenny Packham, Golden Globes 2012

Shailene Woodley, Marchesa, Golden Globes 2012

Jessica Biel, Elie Saab, Golden Globes 2012

 Rounding out the bottom, the worst fits and the worst dressed:

I get that Reese was supposed to be va-va-voom in this dress, but instead it was somewhat dead on arrival, poorly fitting it missed the Jessica Rabbit mark.

Reese Witherspoon, Zac Posen, Golden Globes 2012

I am terrified of Lea Michelle’s dress – the whole look is so severe and attack of the Spider Woman.  She is rather lovely when paired down, and this whole ensemble overpowers her from bouffant head to toe.

Lea Michelle, Marchesa, Golden Globes 2012

What did you think of the show?  And what did you think of the ceremony?  Who were your best dressed?


Marilyn Monroe

Do you make resolutions?  I know some people really do, and, of course, others recycle resolutions year after year.  I think either way is fine, practice makes perfect after all.

On New Year’s Day we went to yoga and our instructor started the practice by talking about resolutions, and she framed it a bit differently.  She said in the yoga tradition, instead of saying “I will be healthier in 2012” you might say, “I am healthier now.”   This is called a San Culpa and it is an intention, and positive affirmation.  It is suggested that you repeat the san culpa often so that it becomes absorbed into your being and your way of life.

Heavy, right?  Well, what I thought was most interesting about this idea is that it is really tied to what you’re doing in the moment.  Notice you don’t say, “I will be” but “I am.”  So, if you’ve set a resolution for yourself and perhaps fallen off the wagon already, you can start over right now.

Every year we set new resolutions.  But, no one says we can’t resolve to do better, and better every day, every hour, every moment.  It’s your resolution, your rules.

Fashioning a Fabulous 2012

I didn’t do a year-end wrap up.  Does that make me a bad blogger?  Nah… It means I took the time to sleep in, and relax, and finish up projects.  Besides we were all too inundated with other lists (shopping, cooking, gifting, cleaning…) to really appreciate the best of the past 12 months, right?

Anyway, in the quiet between days I scrolled back and found my favorite celebrity looks of 2012 – many thanks to

I would, without hesitation, wear any and all of these outfits.  I nearly cannot pick a favorite.

A few notes for 2012: the perfect fitting pant goes a long way, knowing what works best for your figure is key.  Also, never underestimate the power of great accessories.

 These are so lovely, and frankly a bit of a departure for each of these celebrities.  A few notes for 2012: Think outside the box with color, pattern, and detail.  Swapping black for citrus can make any simple sheath a lot more interesting…

I am a self professed jeans girl, that is no secret.  But, these ladies wore skirts that  made me reconsider.  Also, each of these looks, pretty easy to pull off! A few notes for 2012: Embrace shape, and go longer, for a chic and sophisticated look.

These ladies, not surprisingly, but very refreshingly, broke all the rules.  Mismatched accessories, cut outs, high slits, daring fabrics, leather maternity wear – all fall under the wear if you dare category.  A few notes for 2012: Dare.

26 Ways to do Better in 2012

It can be tricky to set a resolution for the New Year… here are some ideas to get you started.  26 Ways to do Better in 2012.

I’ll let you know how I do…  Which of these, if any, speak loudest to you?