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Happy Anniversary to Us

Two years ago today Mark and I were joined by our families and friends as we exchanged vows and became husband and wife. On that day we joined two families, we toasted each other and the people we love, we danced, we sang, we kissed.

And I got to marry my best friend.  Happy Anniversary, Mark.  I love you.


On Finding Inspiration

Thirty years ago today my parents got married.  

My dad had the remnants of an Afro, my mom had stick straight hair and wore a simple polyester gown.  They were engaged for nine weeks – not a lot of time to plan a wedding by today’s standards but long enough to plan a marriage.

My bouquet wrapped with lace from my mom and mom’s veils, 1313blog.com
My parents follow in the footsteps of their parents; my maternal grandparents have been married for 56 years and my paternal grandparents for 62 years.  As I grew up I would observe my grandparents, and the “funny” things they would do, and now that I am older I see the same things in my own parents.  
They look after each other.  They have stories and memories that could fill books.  They do the little things; pick up the dry cleaning, make the perfect cup of coffee, prepare a sandwich just the right way.  They are for each other the right fit: a partner, a friend, and a love.  They still flirt with each other.  They sing, and share the same music; the music of their own lives.  They are fierce parents (and grandparents) and have created homes that welcome their children, and (grandchildren, and great-grandchildren).  They are still very much in love; my dad proves it to me every time he makes comments on my mom’s new hair cut, toned arms, great smile.  
I am so lucky to have an example of a long and fruitful marriage to look at, learn from and aspire to.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, wishing you many, many more years of love, happiness, and health.

Sweet surprises

Yesterday I got a pedicure.  And in between coats of Essie “Sugar Daddy” and flipping the pages of August’s Food & Wine Magazine, I mentioned to the technician that tomorrow (today) is my six month wedding anniversary.  She was really happy for us.  

She went on to say that she has been married for ten years, and her step son also has been married for a few months.  She said she has friends who ask, “how do you make it work?”  and “how has your marriage lasted so long, (when others do not)?”.  And we agreed together that it works, and not just works but thrives, when you continue to make the effort, celebrate the “montha-aversaries”, and continue dating like you did when you were just boyfriend and girlfriend.

So as if Mark was a mind reader, last night when I got home my husband had made dinner, which smelled delicious, and sitting on the table were these:
I am a very lucky girl.  

Happy Six Month Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband.  I love you, always.