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Live in the Affirmative

Do you do daily affirmations? Whisper sweet nothings to the one you love most (yourself!) or unintentionally check yourself out in the window?


How fabulous is this idea? Get on with your bad self!

The Sweetest Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Did you take a moment to share your love today?  Was it with love notes, chocolates, jewelry?

How do you share your love on those days that aren’t dedicated to love?  I was thinking about this, all the little ways we show someone you love them.

In my house it’s a knowing glance, a smile, a quick kiss or a long one, a scratch on the back, a foot rub, a resting hand during the resting pose in a yoga class, the best bite, the last bite, a morning smoothie, the end of day dinner, a laugh when everything goes wrong, a smile that says I’m always on your side, a quick text, a long and winding talk, sharing stories, crafting dreams.

It is about making time for the one you love, in the little ways, every single day.  Because, as our favorite Beatles says:

Sing a love song tonight:

Why I love the Internet, Part 2

I previously talked about why I love the Internet, or Google (which for me, is the Internet), but now my love has gone to an all new level. 

If you have a heart of any kind/size, love to get emails, enjoy pictures, or are an over all sap (hello!) this quick video is worth a watch, and whatever tears may follow.

Look, I cried at my desk – that is the power of Google!

The Age of Aquarius

Today is Mark’s birthday.  I talk a lot about the food Mark and I make (and eat), the places we go, and the things we do.  But that probably doesn’t give you a full picture of who this guy, the other half of The Daily Batch, is.
It is hard to capture him in words, but I will try: 
He is purposeful, he is an adventurer, he believes in this Universe, and more importantly he believes in himself.  He strives to challenge himself, and doesn’t shy away from challenging other people.  He is proud but doesn’t take himself too seriously.  He is in a constant state of forward motion and forward thinking, new learning, and understanding.  He is loving, and kind.  He is a traveler. He is 30,000 feet off the ground, and yet he is always grounded.  He is compassionate and graceful.  He has swagger, and electricity.  He is a Cowboy. He is an Aquarius.  He is the kind of person you’d choose to get stuck in an elevator, on top of a mountain, or in a foreign land with.  He is my best friend.
Happy Birthday, Mark, I can’t wait to see how great you make this year.  I love you.

The International Language of Love

I met my husband in October of 2006. In the early stages of dating when we’d be in the car I would often catch myself playing with a sweat band wrapped I found in the center console that commemorated the four World Cup championships Italy has won. He was still feeling proud three months after watching his countrymen (his mother is Italian) win the World Cup in Germany (his father’s birthplace). I am not much of a soccer follower, but as a fan of the spirit of all sports I delighted in the stories of Mark and friends running through the streets of Georgetown with a “forza azzurri” spirit!
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Four years later, and now married, we watched the World Cup together. We texted over morning games and watched the replays at home after work. This time we cheered on Italy, Germany and the USA. For me the highlight is not the goals, penalties or the bravo acting but the pure emotion these champions and underdogs express for the love of the game and love of country.

Sometimes though, it is just for the love of love, and I’m glad I got to share this World Cup and the future ones with my mine:

Spain’s Goalie Iker Casillas and his girlfriend and reporter Sara Carbonero

Roughly translates to: (reporting to J)
Sara: “J, all the principal players are leaving but Iker is staying… well how did it all start & look now?”

Iker: “What do you want me to say?”

Sara: “How are you? How do you feel?”

Iker: “Well this a wonderful day. I’m very happy. I think we deserve it in the end. I dedicate this to the people that has supported me always, (looks into her eyes) my parents, my brother” (voice starts to crack) *both get emotional*

Sara: “It’s okay. We’ll talk more on the match & then we’ll return back…”

Iker: “No.”

Sara: “No?”

Iker: “I’d rather kiss you.”