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Just Like You, But Totally Different

To have a sister is to have someone who is just like you, but totally different.

She can call you up and call you out, and either way it is done with love.

She knows your secrets and the funny things your parents do.  You share inside jokes that are older than the concept of “inside jokes” are to you.  She knows you before a degree, before a resume, before you knew how to put on makeup.

You’ll share clothes, a bathroom, and maybe even your house.

She could recognize your walk.  You can recognize her brow.

You’ll look up to her, and she’ll look up to you and you’ll always look out for each other.

When the time is right, she’ll cheer for you, cry for you, fight for you and always celebrate you.

Today I celebrate my little sister on her 24th birthday.  Happy birthday, Jules!

Blogger’s Birthday Inspiration

My birthday is in a few days, and it is the one event that will happen without a Thanksgiving theme.  I will not have mashed potatoes, I will not roast squash, I will not talk about Pilgrims or Indians, I will spend it with some of the best people I know (my family) and relax.

I toiled away at what my perfect day might look like, and I figured I have shared so much on this blog already, why not my birthday?

Blogger Birthday, Inspiration

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I am a jeans and tank top girl – I wear them with diamonds and flip flops.  I want to celebrate with sparkle (and sparklers!), I want sand between my toes, the people I love at my side, and flowers in every room.

This has been a very good year, and I am so glad to have been able to share it with you.

What does your perfect (birth)day look like?

The Age of Aquarius

Today is Mark’s birthday.  I talk a lot about the food Mark and I make (and eat), the places we go, and the things we do.  But that probably doesn’t give you a full picture of who this guy, the other half of The Daily Batch, is.
It is hard to capture him in words, but I will try: 
He is purposeful, he is an adventurer, he believes in this Universe, and more importantly he believes in himself.  He strives to challenge himself, and doesn’t shy away from challenging other people.  He is proud but doesn’t take himself too seriously.  He is in a constant state of forward motion and forward thinking, new learning, and understanding.  He is loving, and kind.  He is a traveler. He is 30,000 feet off the ground, and yet he is always grounded.  He is compassionate and graceful.  He has swagger, and electricity.  He is a Cowboy. He is an Aquarius.  He is the kind of person you’d choose to get stuck in an elevator, on top of a mountain, or in a foreign land with.  He is my best friend.
Happy Birthday, Mark, I can’t wait to see how great you make this year.  I love you.