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Weekend Watch: The Wedding Planner

My little sister is getting married this weekend!  They will have been engaged for exactly a year and while Franck was not her wedding planner, any bride (and her mother and father) can identify with the ups and downs of wedding planning!  

Of course, after the flowers are chosen and the cake is tasted, at the end of the day, a man and woman go from groom and bride to husband and wife.

Looking forward to a really special weekend!  In a few days, here comes the bride!!!

Special Place, Special Jewelry

A first kiss, a memorable trip, engagement, wedding, birth of a child and so many other special events create cherished memories.  This cool new collection, Coordinates, captures a memory with its longitude and latitude coordinates.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 10.25.15 AM

The bracelets and rings can be customized by metal, stone and of course coordinate and engraved inscription.

I love this as a sweet way to wear your love and memories.

Weddings: The Beautiful Bohemian

mara hoffman weddingHow stunning is this photo?  Mara Hoffman, a runway favorite for her exotic prints and wanderlusty designs, is offering a bridal collection that take the road less traveled for windswept wedding moment.

Not getting married anytime soon – or again? – many of the pieces from her “Devotion” (which I love) collection are totally appropriate for a beach vacation or sunnier days!

Here are a few favorites:

Mara Hoffman


Wedding Dress Code: Decoded

Dress codes are tough, especially for weddings.  There are at least a few rules – you know, never wear white, no clubwear, etc.  But, instead of thinking about what not to wear, let’s think about what to wear.

Here are some solutions and inspiration for the wedding that is called “Beach formal.”

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 12.20.28 PMThe trick for floating through a wedding that is beachy-keen is to think light: light colors, fabrics and accessories.

You’re not wearing a beach cover-up, but rather a dress in linen, jersey or cotton blend.  Choose colors, that are not white, but celebrate the season and make you look radiant with your own summery glow.

Your accessories should be light, too.  What do you need to carry after all?  A phone, a lipgloss and a pair of keys?  Keep it cool with lucite for an extra pop of fun, raffia and natural fabrics.  For jewelry, one statement piece is all the statement you need to make.  For footwear, a little sparkle is great, but skip the staggering heel which is never a friend to the sand.

Shop, L-R: Linen Tank Dress, Drape Wrap Dress, Sleeveless Stripe Dress, Lucite Clutch, Bangle, Sparkle Wedge

Runway Inspiration: Wedding Edition

Ever since Halle Berry walked the Red Carpet in 2002 in a swishing cranberry ballskirt and strategically embroidered sheer top, the name Elie Saab has been cemented into the Fashion Design Hall of Fame.  (*There isn’t a FDHF, but you know what I mean…)

I have featured beautiful Elie Saab collections before, but this latest one for Fall 2013 has really caught my eye.  It has all the standards that I love about the brand – delicate detail, perfect fits, extravagant beadwork, gowns you’d love to own.

Here are a few that could go from Red Carpet to White Aisle.

For the super glamourous bride:MARC047.450x675

Dresses even a bridesmaid would love:MARC009.450x675MARC038.450x675

And for the fabulous Mother of the Bride:MARC010.450x675 MARC029.450x675

All images from

Blooming Favors for Wedding Guests

I love Mindy Weiss – event planner extraordinaire to the stars and fabulous people.  I also love her Instagram account where Mindy takes followed behind the scenes at her fetes, so we can see all the details before, during and after.

She recently shared this photo, from a young couple’s wedding:


Guests were invited to take a bunch of flowers home with them – fresh flowers for locals and dried for out of town visitors.  I think this is such a sweet idea, totally unique and lovely way to spread some pretty around town.

Showering the Bride and Groom in Confetti

There is something so magical and whimsical and all at one sweet about photos of a bride and groom being showered in confetti.  It’s a surprise of sparkle and look how happy everyone looks!

black-tie-will-never-die_detailColin Cowie Weddings


So if rice or bird seed aren’t your speed, consider the following:

She’s in a Place of “YES!”

This weekend, my little sister got engaged!  Their sunset proposal is the perfect start to a new life spent together: filled with wonder, special moments and all of life’s blessings.


Midweek Inspiration: Hafiz

This summer two dear friends, Jake and Enrica, got married.  Printed in their wedding program was this sweet little verse from Hafiz.  It warmed my heart then and still does now.

Sweet Wedding Idea: Travel Inspired

It’s funny how a sweet song, a scrap of fabric, a special color, or a favorite place can set your wedding planning in motion.

I spotted this stunning photograph from an Atlanta wedding, designed by the talented team of Amy Osaba.

This wedding had an Old Hollywood inspired travel theme, but all it reminded me of was the raspy and soulful, “Come Away with Me” by Norah Jones.


You never know where you’ll find inspiration, or when it will find you.

Open your eyes, ears, and heart to be inspired.