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Sentimental Find: Loquet

I wear my heart on my sleeve.  But, this new find, Loquet, would let me wear it around my neck, too.  I’ve always been a fan of a heart-imbued jewelry, it’s my girly side shining through.  But since becoming a mom, I am even more delighted by sweet initial and personalized jewelry.

The bespoke collection from Loquet allows the wearer to customize their keepsake with different charms, trinkets and sweet letters or numbers, and because the “locket” can open, you can continue to add to it.

Custom Loquet

Custom Loquet

The website is great and it website allows you to play around and design (and redesign your own!) or peruse the gallery if inspiration is needed.

loquet inspiration

What a great gift to mark a special moment in your life!

Special Place, Special Jewelry

A first kiss, a memorable trip, engagement, wedding, birth of a child and so many other special events create cherished memories.  This cool new collection, Coordinates, captures a memory with its longitude and latitude coordinates.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 10.25.15 AM

The bracelets and rings can be customized by metal, stone and of course coordinate and engraved inscription.

I love this as a sweet way to wear your love and memories.

Drooling for Jewels

Guys, never mind that the dresses were awesome, the jewels were downright, outrageously drool worthy.

Here are my swoon-for-it favorites:

Multiple rings for the young ladies (Vanessa Hudgens and T. Swift)


Vintage art deco inspiration (Jaime King, Molly Sims, Jennifer Lawrence)462309749_10-419x630



Knock your socks off, statement necklace on Sofia Vergara???????????????????????????????????

Cool Enough for Time

Michael Kors, synonymous with quippy/bitchy comments on Project Runway and a black crew neck and caramelized skin, did for watches what Diane did for wrap dresses.  By which I mean, made them cool, accessible and something everyone had to have. (Seriously, a quick Pinterest search aligns the MK watch with the stacked watch + bracelet trend in a major way.)

Except for me.  I don’t wear a watch.  I’d like to say I don’t like to be encumbered by time.  But the truth is, I type all day and they’re bulky; they have to fit just right so that a masculine watch looks feminine and a feminine watch doesn’t look minuscule  and, truthfully, I can tell the time faster from my phone than my wrist.

With all that said, this watch caught my eye.  Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 8.11.12 AM

It’s a masculine watch and the matte black makes it sporty and cool.  It’s not for everyday, it’s for that day when you need a little bit of urban armor and something tough to remind you that whatever time it is, “you’re just that cool.”

Good timing, MK.

Look for Less: Statement Earrings

I have been loving the jewelry from Monique Pean for quite some time.  The major investment pieces (seriously, these prices are not for the faint of heart!) are truly unique and have become a favorite of fashion fan, Michelle Obama.

The brand is committed to creating luxury pieces that are produced socially and environmentally responsibly and from sustainable materials.

I love the look of made-from-nature geometric shapes, rough cut stones, and one of a kind pieces that make a statement with a gown or a tank top.

Here is one my favorite, awe-worthy investment pieces:

In the look for less, (way, way less!) category are these statement making stunners from Kendra Scott.

What do you think?  Gorgeous or gauche?

Ladylike Leopard for Fall

The leopard trend has come a long way from Peg Bundy for this leopard trend.  Beyonce, Anna Wintour, street-style masters wear it with aplomb.  Are you intimidated by this wild streak, and don’t want to show your spots in the urban jungle?
Here are some chic ideas to make it your own.  Copy cats welcomed!

Shop: Sweater, Pant/Dress, Jacket/Jeans, Loafer/Clutch, Dress

August Must Haves: Color, Shine, Sparkle

August is here and it is a tricky style month; you have one flip-flopped foot in summer and the other booted up for fall.

Here are a few of my favorite, ooh and ahh worthy must haves for August!Shop: Sip/Stack 1/2/3/Strut

Ornaments for the Arm

A trend that is popping up around Pinterest is the pairing of a chunky men’s watch with glittery and girly bracelets and bangles.  I love the look and while it might make typing a bit noisy I think it would be very fun for after hours.

Love bracelets and watch

Here’s how to get it for yourself!

watch/link 1/link 2/enamel 1/enamel 2/enamel 3/wrap 1/wrap 2/wrap3/wrap 4/tough 1/tough 2/tough 3

Rock the Ring

Yesterday LeAnn Rimes tweeted a picture of her One-Year-Anniversary ring.  (Yes, that’s a thing…)  I have to say, it is a great piece of jewelry and something I’d be happy to rock myself.

LeAnn Rimes' New Ring

It’s the perfect mix of glitz and glam and hippie chick.  It is perfect for a rock star.

What if you want the same look, for less?

Rock the Ring, for less

Faux Real Jewelry: Looks for Less

I have always, always, always loved a lucky charm, a four leaf clover, except in my case this luck comes in mother of pearl or bright enamel and strung between gold.  Yes, Van Cleef & Arpels, the Alambra is my lucky charm of choice.

In case you weren’t sure, luck doesn’t come cheap – and either does Van Cleef.

There is something about a piece of jewelry worn by Ladies Who Lunch, carpool, and rock the Grammy Awards.  Fans, like me, are as diverse as Reese Witherspoon and Mariah Carey.

Reese Witherspoon

Mariah Carey

In the “save” category is from the very un-French, Target (*Tar-jay if you’re fancy).  This clover necklace is actually fairly close to the aesthetic of the original.  It appears, at least online, to be very delicate, and gotta love that shine.

Clover Lover: Target

In the “splurge” category we have the Jardin Black Agate Clover Necklace from every fashionista’s discount site, BlueFly.  The VC&A original also comes in enamel colors, as shown on Reese, and so this comes pretty close and for a fairly good price.

Clover Lover: BlueFly

In the “savings account” category we have the Van Cleef & Arpels original, the Alhambra.  The sparkle, the shine, the ooh la la straight from France to your neck – or mine.

Clover Lover: Van Cleef & Arpels

Do these sparkly goods make your eyes shine, too?  And is it something you would be willing to splurge on?