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Drooling for Jewels

Guys, never mind that the dresses were awesome, the jewels were downright, outrageously drool worthy.

Here are my swoon-for-it favorites:

Multiple rings for the young ladies (Vanessa Hudgens and T. Swift)


Vintage art deco inspiration (Jaime King, Molly Sims, Jennifer Lawrence)462309749_10-419x630



Knock your socks off, statement necklace on Sofia Vergara???????????????????????????????????

TNT: New Titles

I am going to try something new; on Tuesdays the post theme will be about trying new things. Things could be big or small – a new recipe, trend or challenge and while everything about being a new mom is new and there will be some baby related posts they’ll be in the context of TDB and not a “mommy blog” – not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Stay tuned!

life advice

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“I’m Back, Baby. I’m Back”

I’m not really sure where the time went.  It’s been 4 months (wow) since my last post and a bit longer since I was posting consistently (dare I say, daily) on The Daily Batch.  

And, I have missed it, but for a bit of time, it fell to the back burner.  I often would think about posts to make, ideas to feature and dresses to share, but didn’t get to the login screen.  I’m not going to take us back in time over the four months, but rather start fresh in honor of the start of summer.

TDB has always been a creative outlet and a way to share some of my favorite parts of life – and I am excited to share that with you again.


Miami Heat – 2012 NBA Champions

And with that, your (my) Miami Heat are the 2012 NBA Champions!  Enjoy the off-season and celebrate tonight, Miami.

Are You a Wild Thing?

In honor of author Maurice Sendak, who died today at 83 years old, find your inner wild thing and share the magical story of Max and the Wild Things with a cool kid you know.

May the Fourth be With You

Did you know that today is National Star Wars Day?  I didn’t either…  Also, up until I was in my mid-twenties I had only seen Star Wars in Spanish (thank you, Mrs. Gentile – Spanish 2).

Not a super-fan myself, I do love to listen to my nephews talk about light sabers, and intergalactic battles.  One nephew even refers to Mark as Bobo Fett from time to time.  So on this May the fourth, I will celebrate with the best of the Jedi Knights with a Star Wars picture that has always made me laugh.

Darth – From a Piece of Lisa

Good weekend, you shall have.


A Summer in sun or shade?

I just got the May 2012 Anthropologie catalog and let me say, I swooned.  Big hair, reddish lips, soft fabrics, sun-kissed cheeks.

These are some of my favorite looks for shade and sun.

All images from Anthropologie

The Sweetest Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Did you take a moment to share your love today?  Was it with love notes, chocolates, jewelry?

How do you share your love on those days that aren’t dedicated to love?  I was thinking about this, all the little ways we show someone you love them.

In my house it’s a knowing glance, a smile, a quick kiss or a long one, a scratch on the back, a foot rub, a resting hand during the resting pose in a yoga class, the best bite, the last bite, a morning smoothie, the end of day dinner, a laugh when everything goes wrong, a smile that says I’m always on your side, a quick text, a long and winding talk, sharing stories, crafting dreams.

It is about making time for the one you love, in the little ways, every single day.  Because, as our favorite Beatles says:

Sing a love song tonight:

Fashioning a Fabulous 2012

I didn’t do a year-end wrap up.  Does that make me a bad blogger?  Nah… It means I took the time to sleep in, and relax, and finish up projects.  Besides we were all too inundated with other lists (shopping, cooking, gifting, cleaning…) to really appreciate the best of the past 12 months, right?

Anyway, in the quiet between days I scrolled back and found my favorite celebrity looks of 2012 – many thanks to

I would, without hesitation, wear any and all of these outfits.  I nearly cannot pick a favorite.

A few notes for 2012: the perfect fitting pant goes a long way, knowing what works best for your figure is key.  Also, never underestimate the power of great accessories.

 These are so lovely, and frankly a bit of a departure for each of these celebrities.  A few notes for 2012: Think outside the box with color, pattern, and detail.  Swapping black for citrus can make any simple sheath a lot more interesting…

I am a self professed jeans girl, that is no secret.  But, these ladies wore skirts that  made me reconsider.  Also, each of these looks, pretty easy to pull off! A few notes for 2012: Embrace shape, and go longer, for a chic and sophisticated look.

These ladies, not surprisingly, but very refreshingly, broke all the rules.  Mismatched accessories, cut outs, high slits, daring fabrics, leather maternity wear – all fall under the wear if you dare category.  A few notes for 2012: Dare.

Santa’s Coming to Town

I learned the truth about our Coca-Cola drinking, night flying, chimney squeezing bringer of gifts and joy when I was five or six years old from my mom’s friend while waiting in the customer service department of a Macy’s.

We had latkes and dreidles and eight nights of presents so we never missed Santa.  He did visit some of my friends and that was very exciting to see how “good or bad” they really were.

Now, as an aunt it is really exciting to wait for Santa with my niece and nephews. We put out cookies, which eventually someone had to go eat bits from.  We do lists.  We track his whereabouts courtesy of NORAD.  We enjoy that extra little bit of magic that comes with Santa.

This year, I want to add some Google to out Christmas experience.  Try this direct call from Santa it will delight even the biggest Grinch.

Try it!  I promise it will delight you, and everyone on your list!