Santa’s Coming to Town

I learned the truth about our Coca-Cola drinking, night flying, chimney squeezing bringer of gifts and joy when I was five or six years old from my mom’s friend while waiting in the customer service department of a Macy’s.

We had latkes and dreidles and eight nights of presents so we never missed Santa.  He did visit some of my friends and that was very exciting to see how “good or bad” they really were.

Now, as an aunt it is really exciting to wait for Santa with my niece and nephews. We put out cookies, which eventually someone had to go eat bits from.  We do lists.  We track his whereabouts courtesy of NORAD.  We enjoy that extra little bit of magic that comes with Santa.

This year, I want to add some Google to out Christmas experience.  Try this direct call from Santa it will delight even the biggest Grinch.

Try it!  I promise it will delight you, and everyone on your list!

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