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Staying Cool in the Summer

It’s hot.  I’m not complaining, because I’ll hate it when it’s cold again in a few months.  But, when it’s hot the least you can do it look cool.

The perfect solution to the days when “it’s so hot-I’m not wearing makeup-my hair is frizzing out of control-and who are we kidding this is not sweat not sheen,” is a pair of oversized, super glamorous sunglasses.


883663543684_shad_qtA recent trip to Sunglass Hut – Mark needed new sunglasses – introduced me to a sleek pair of aviators from Ermenegildo Zegna.  I am loving the leather accents and the ombre lenses.

They’re a splurge, but the dog days of summer warrant a classic style with a touch of glam.

For more sunglass steals, check out: Ray-Ban (the original, after all) and some super steals from Nordstrom!

Wedding Dress Code: Decoded

Dress codes are tough, especially for weddings.  There are at least a few rules – you know, never wear white, no clubwear, etc.  But, instead of thinking about what not to wear, let’s think about what to wear.

Here are some solutions and inspiration for the wedding that is called “Beach formal.”

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 12.20.28 PMThe trick for floating through a wedding that is beachy-keen is to think light: light colors, fabrics and accessories.

You’re not wearing a beach cover-up, but rather a dress in linen, jersey or cotton blend.  Choose colors, that are not white, but celebrate the season and make you look radiant with your own summery glow.

Your accessories should be light, too.  What do you need to carry after all?  A phone, a lipgloss and a pair of keys?  Keep it cool with lucite for an extra pop of fun, raffia and natural fabrics.  For jewelry, one statement piece is all the statement you need to make.  For footwear, a little sparkle is great, but skip the staggering heel which is never a friend to the sand.

Shop, L-R: Linen Tank Dress, Drape Wrap Dress, Sleeveless Stripe Dress, Lucite Clutch, Bangle, Sparkle Wedge

Summer Shine

I’m not a big product girl – like, didn’t own concealer until this last year kind of a non-product girl.  But, this summer, with the sweat inducing heat, less makeup is definitely more.

I made an accidental purchase at CVS not long ago when I was looking for a replacement to a cracked blush/bronzer duo powder.  The accident is that what I purchased is a cream, but happily it is super light, add just a pinch of color and a touch of sparkle.


For as cheesy as this sounds, like little $12 product (at CVS, Target, etc) does add a nice “visible lift,” its easy to apply if you just find the apples of your cheeks and doesn’t streak or crease no matter how hot it is.

Be pretty this summer and save a pretty penny!

Cool Enough for Time

Michael Kors, synonymous with quippy/bitchy comments on Project Runway and a black crew neck and caramelized skin, did for watches what Diane did for wrap dresses.  By which I mean, made them cool, accessible and something everyone had to have. (Seriously, a quick Pinterest search aligns the MK watch with the stacked watch + bracelet trend in a major way.)

Except for me.  I don’t wear a watch.  I’d like to say I don’t like to be encumbered by time.  But the truth is, I type all day and they’re bulky; they have to fit just right so that a masculine watch looks feminine and a feminine watch doesn’t look minuscule  and, truthfully, I can tell the time faster from my phone than my wrist.

With all that said, this watch caught my eye.  Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 8.11.12 AM

It’s a masculine watch and the matte black makes it sporty and cool.  It’s not for everyday, it’s for that day when you need a little bit of urban armor and something tough to remind you that whatever time it is, “you’re just that cool.”

Good timing, MK.

DC Foodie: Sweetgreen

Sometimes (read: all of winter) I’m like “ick, salad” and other times (most of summer) it seems like the most perfect idea.

This month – which how is it possible, that it is already half over??Sweetgreen, the as locally-sourced-as-possible, salad brain trust of local Georgetown grads that is taking the NE + MidAtl corridor by storm has figured it out, almost.


Their July Salad features mesclun greens, basil, peaches, slivered almonds, goat cheese and balsamic dressing.  Normally, I’m a big fan of goat cheese, but on a whim (and because they were out) we swapped for white cheddar.  This is a good move, I promise.  The white cheddar offers an extra salt kick in an otherwise pretty close to perfect summer salad.

Get your greens – before they wilt!

Runway Inspiration: Wedding Edition

Ever since Halle Berry walked the Red Carpet in 2002 in a swishing cranberry ballskirt and strategically embroidered sheer top, the name Elie Saab has been cemented into the Fashion Design Hall of Fame.  (*There isn’t a FDHF, but you know what I mean…)

I have featured beautiful Elie Saab collections before, but this latest one for Fall 2013 has really caught my eye.  It has all the standards that I love about the brand – delicate detail, perfect fits, extravagant beadwork, gowns you’d love to own.

Here are a few that could go from Red Carpet to White Aisle.

For the super glamourous bride:MARC047.450x675

Dresses even a bridesmaid would love:MARC009.450x675MARC038.450x675

And for the fabulous Mother of the Bride:MARC010.450x675 MARC029.450x675

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