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American Girl

Ever since I went to American University I have had a soft spot in my heart for this song by Tom Petty.  It is perfect for today.

Happy America Day to all of you American girls!

P.S. If you need some last minute holiday treat and snack inspiration, check out my Pinterest!

What is Your Summer Style?

Tomorrow is the 4th of July!  Three cheers for fireworks, bbq’s, mini-weekends in the middle of the week and an all-American summer. What are you doing and what are you going to wear?

I spent this past weekend in Telluride, Colorado.  A beautiful town, more on that on Thursday, with a really terrific sense of style.  My trip got me thinking about what American style is, beyond Ralph and Tommy.

Which of these most closely match your all-American summer style?

P.S.  I am a mix of all of these.

Shop: City tee/jeans/shades/bag/bracelet/sneaks
Shop: Country dress/clutch/jacket/belt/boots
Shop: Beach bikini/bag/shades/shorts/flips/sunblock
P.S. for more American fashion inspiration check out this editorial from Vogue.

American Beauty

Is there anything more American than red, white and blue and a fabulous dress?

Celebrate in full color and a fabulous dress!

A belated 4th…

We moved on the weekend of July 4th.

No matter what anyone tells you, moving is exhausting.

The three day weekend proved to be a the perfect time to pack, haul and move across town.

So that Monday off was critical! And on Sunday we were able to finally sit back and enjoy our independence from moving trucks, packing tape, and boxes and celebrate our nation’s independence too!

Our very good friends, and now new neighbors, invited us over for 4th of July BBQ. In full disclosure it is probably the first time I have ever gone to someone’s house for a meal/party/celebration without bringing something, but with the exception of ice cubes, and some beer we were saving for later, I had nothing to share. Not to worry – we were well fed and imbibed. Yum! Real coconut pina coladas. I’m not a fan of coconut, like at all, and these were pretty damn good!

BBQ’d sliders with a toppings bar? Uhm, hello Summer! I am officially in food heaven. These were delicious and we all enjoyed eating them, a lot!

That’s me in the background – can you tell how happy I am over the bacon/swiss/sliders? Glee!

After dinner we managed to climb up, feeling very full, to our roof for the most spectacular fireworks show I can remember ever seeing. The neighborhood effort definitely rivaled the National show. It was like a welcome party just for us!

Our friends taking in the view!

We can’t wait to celebrate more!