What is Your Summer Style?

Tomorrow is the 4th of July!  Three cheers for fireworks, bbq’s, mini-weekends in the middle of the week and an all-American summer. What are you doing and what are you going to wear?

I spent this past weekend in Telluride, Colorado.  A beautiful town, more on that on Thursday, with a really terrific sense of style.  My trip got me thinking about what American style is, beyond Ralph and Tommy.

Which of these most closely match your all-American summer style?

P.S.  I am a mix of all of these.

Shop: City tee/jeans/shades/bag/bracelet/sneaks
Shop: Country dress/clutch/jacket/belt/boots
Shop: Beach bikini/bag/shades/shorts/flips/sunblock
P.S. for more American fashion inspiration check out this editorial from Vogue.

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