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Summer Wedding: Maryland Style

Every season is wedding season, but summer just feels especially wonderful for a sweet wedding, in the outdoors, with cheerful colors and a twinkling sky.

I love the look of this inspiration board, if I do say so myself.  It is playful, casual, whimsical, and an everyday delight.  Set in a dream-come-true backyard and adorned with twinkling string lights, the invitation sets the tone for an enchanted evening.

P.S. This is also great inspiration for a summer soiree, bride and groom not required! 

Source: Backyard/Invite/Groom/Bridesmaid/Bride/Bouquet/Drinks/Cocktail Bar/Dessert/Dinner/Table/Flowers

Champagne Wedding Inspiration

Is there nothing more festive than Champagne?  It’s seductive and whimsical, it’s bubbly and sparkly, it’s celebratory and grand.  Just like this wedding inspiration board.

Champagne Wedding Inspiration

Source: Print, Gown, Dress, Tutu, Flutes, Bouquet, Centerpiece, Cake, Salad, Shoes

There is no greater time to lavish yourself, your friends and family with a little extra sparkle.  The Champagne toast, or Prosecco, or sparkling water is a mainstay in the wedding reception and so why not carry that moment throughout the entire reception.

This inspiration board has a softened neutral color palette of blushes, sages, creams and butter play beautifully with the sparkle and effervescence of gold.  As a play on the whimsy that Champagne often induces the traditional wedding mainstays are made playful with details like clever prints, rock candy in Champagne flutes, delightful snacks, glittering bows and fluffy flower girl tutus.

What do you think, would you be inspired by a glass of Champagne for your wedding?

A Blushing Bride

This weekend was “The Reality Starlet/Professional Athlete Wedding of the Year”.  I say that in quotes because I truly think, cheesy as it may be, that on your wedding day, when you are the bride, your own wedding is always the “wedding of the year” with any hope, it is the “wedding of your lifetime.”  With that said, I will watch the E! Wedding Special in October.

In the previews I really liked Kim’s two-toned theme and it inspired me, with a slight variation, instead of black and ivory I chose black and blush.

A Wedding in Blush

Two thoughts: I think sometimes people see a pink wedding as being very specifically feminine, which is easy to imagine, but I think when paired with black and pared down in simple lines, and clean shapes it is actually a very lovely compromise, just like marriage should be.

So, what do you think?  Could you have a wedding in just two colors?

Source: Gown at StylePage, Invitation, Tablesetting, Centerpiece, Desserts, Bouquet

And the Bride Wore White…

When planning a wedding I really thing the dress sets the tone.  Some say it is the location (the beach, a ballroom, a bar – whatever).  But, I disagree.  When brides begin their planning in the back of their head they have a vision of what they will look like on their wedding day.  The bride who sees herself as a princess, sophisticate, goddess will pick the setting to match their style.

I reviewed the Resort 2012 shows to find these looks and created mini inspiration boards to accompany them.

Images: Marchesa, Martha Stewart, Great Gatsby, Martha Stewart

How decadent is this style?  Inspired by the Marchesa gowns, it’s elegant, bright, fresh and while attached to a vintage aesthetic it still feels completely modern.


Images: Naeem Khan, Pinterest, Bhldn, Pinterest

Naeem Khan, a favorite of Hollywood and the FLOTUS, this inspiration board feels well traveled, glamorous, and collected by your friend with the most admirable and enviable style.


Images: Badgely Mischka, Brides, OneReverie, WeddingBee

This style is for the playful bride – Hello! Polka Dots!  – and yet it is still completely sophisticated and lovely for a wedding.  Added to the playful nature this inspiration board picks up the theme of dots and color.


Images: Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella & Dot, Ruth Drennan Cakes, Rosebrook Meyer Stationary

This inspiration board, inspired by the Salvatore Ferragamo gowns, have a sprinkle of sparkle, a fluidity of movement and clean lines.


Images: Carolina Herrera, Oh So Beautiful Paper, The Velveteen Baker, Constanca Cabral, Christian Louboutin

Images: Carolina Herrera, Oh So Beautiful Paper, The Velveteen Baker, Constanca Cabral, Christian Louboutin

This set inspired by Carolina Herrera is for the fun, retro inspired bride.  It feels seasonless with the crisp black and white and the pop of red.

Blue Skies and Fields of Gold

I saw this image of wheat and it hasn’t left my mind; the organic nature and the blend of color really captivated my attention and my imagination.  L – R: Something Blue by Raceytay via Etsy, Liu Wen in Chanel for Vogue China

The great thing about inspiration, especially for weddings is that you can find it anywhere.  Something as simple and natural as a spring of grass and clear sky can inspire a stunning, elegant and truly lovely wedding scene.
Top, L – R: New York Library Entrance by Christian Oth, Popcorn Stand by JL Designs, Vera Wang Dress and Valentino Shoes Photo by Aaron Delesie via StyleMePretty

Bottom, L – R: Homemade Cotton Candy by Cooking Books, With a Kiss Shift by BHLDN, Yuzen Pale Aqua Paper via The Paper Source, Bridal Bouquet Photo by Jennifer Detar

Beach Wedding, Inspired

A friend is getting married on the beach in North Carolina, (soon!) and had lots of ideas.  When I was in a similar situation it helped me to make an inspiration board, and so I made some for her as well.

The bride has a beautiful beach-front location for her ceremony, and a reception on the pier (pictured below).  She has a stunning gown, and her bridesmaids will wear teal dresses, her groom and groomsmen will wear black suits.

She knew that she wanted a wedding that was fun, romantic, and reflective of who they are as a couple and the location of the wedding.

Here is what I designed:

Soft Sea Shell Wedding Ceremony

Top Row, L – R: Kitty Hawk Hilton Garden Inn, Apothecary Shell Jar via TheKnot.com

Middle Row, L – R: Starfish Boutonniere via Wedding Paper Divas, White Hydrangea Bouquet via TheKnot.com, Starfish Chair Wrap via Castles Crowns Cottages

Bottom Row, L – R: Guest Book Table via Martha Stewart, Hurricane Lamp Aisle Runner via TheKnot.com, Beach Flowers Ceremony Program via Wedding Paper Divas

Soft Sea Shell Wedding Reception

Top Row, L – R: White Petals and Hurricane Candles via WeddingsbyColor.com, Orchid and Hydrangea Centerpieces via TheKnot.com

Middle Row, L – R: Starfish Escort Cards via MarthaStewart.com, Glass Hurricanes via Ikea.com, White Adirondack Chair via HomeDepot.com, Cupcakes by OBX Cakes by Robin, Mirror Centerpiece via Michael’s

A wedding with a theme is a funny thing.  If you’ve ever seen an episode of “My Fair Wedding with David Tutera” you know what I mean; nearly any theme can be executed, how well it is done is in the details.   And, I love working on the details.

If you, or a friend, or a friend of a friend is getting married or throwing any type of event and needs help turning their ideas into inspiration, let me know!

An All Hallow’s Eve Wedding

I am not the first in line for the “theme wedding fan club”.  It is just not for me.  With that said, I do appreciate a well though out and executed inspiration for a wedding.  What is the difference between a theme and inspiration?  Perhaps you’ve watched an episode or two of David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding” in which you’ve seen excited brides-to-be express their interest in a butterfly themed wedding with rainbows and butterflies and rhinestones and Tutera turns out a wedding filled with color, spring’s best flowers and crystal.  That’s the difference between a theme and inspiration.

With that said and with Halloween just around the corner I was inspired by these shoes:
Alexander McQueen Skull Peep Toe Pump
I thought to myself, “could they inspire a wedding?”  And so they have…
I thought really carefully about this inspiration board.  First, I think a wedding ceremony is just that, it’s ceremonial, special, and so I liked the idea of keeping the ceremony unique and inspired by the season.  The dress is romantic, and I love the warm embroidery throughout.  The flowers, lights, intricately carved pumpkins say autumn inspired, without screaming trick or treat.

For the reception I was thinking of a complete makeover.  The bride who gets married on Halloween may embrace the grandeur of Halloween, the sexiness, the mystery, and the glamour.  I think those attitudes can be conveyed without black and orange or even dark smoky red which is often used for impact.  I love the black Phillip Stark Ghost Chairs, the black glassware, chandeliers and candleholders.  And of course the bride can change into a more festive, glamorous ensemble with a lace dress, those Alexander McQueen pumps and black and gold bangles.

For most, the wedding day is the party of a lifetime, why not make it all treats – no tricks?

Chardonnay or Cabernet, I do.

Weddings are a cause for celebration.  Wine is also a cause for celebration.  Good wine?  Great celebration. 

Essence Wine Glass, Hive Modern
A few years ago Mark and I went to Southern California (LA, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, San Diego) and then the following spring we went to Northern California (San Francisco, Napa Valley, Sonoma).  I loved them both, but I looooved Sonoma.  I liked it’s little sister-ness to Napa, and the slower, refined, agrarian pace compared to the hustle and saturation of LA.  When we went throughout the vineyards I would see the natural scenery and note, this would be good for a wedding. (Yes, I’m weird like that, I often walk around noting what “venues” would be good for a wedding.)

I loved the airy nature, the open vistas, the fragrant smells wherever you went, and the high quality of food, everywhere.  Last night we went out with friends who just returned from San Francisco/Napa region and thus the stories from their trip, and the memories of ours became the inspiration for today’s Wednesday Wedding Inspiration Board.

A few details I love from this inspiration board: that dress!, I unfortunately can’t determine the designer (I know, bad blogger) but it allows for good inspiration, I love the string lights, the chocolate wedding cakes and the macarons from Yountville must-see Bouchon Bakery.

Cheers to Napa!