Chardonnay or Cabernet, I do.

Weddings are a cause for celebration.  Wine is also a cause for celebration.  Good wine?  Great celebration. 

Essence Wine Glass, Hive Modern
A few years ago Mark and I went to Southern California (LA, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, San Diego) and then the following spring we went to Northern California (San Francisco, Napa Valley, Sonoma).  I loved them both, but I looooved Sonoma.  I liked it’s little sister-ness to Napa, and the slower, refined, agrarian pace compared to the hustle and saturation of LA.  When we went throughout the vineyards I would see the natural scenery and note, this would be good for a wedding. (Yes, I’m weird like that, I often walk around noting what “venues” would be good for a wedding.)

I loved the airy nature, the open vistas, the fragrant smells wherever you went, and the high quality of food, everywhere.  Last night we went out with friends who just returned from San Francisco/Napa region and thus the stories from their trip, and the memories of ours became the inspiration for today’s Wednesday Wedding Inspiration Board.

A few details I love from this inspiration board: that dress!, I unfortunately can’t determine the designer (I know, bad blogger) but it allows for good inspiration, I love the string lights, the chocolate wedding cakes and the macarons from Yountville must-see Bouchon Bakery.

Cheers to Napa!

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