Are You Ready for Football?

The other day I mentioned that something I love about fall is the start of the football season.  Growing up in Florida, and more specifically with my parents it is difficult to escape football fever.

Football has been a part of family life since the beginning, I was born on a Monday, before the kick off of a Dolphins/Jets game. In high school I went to every single University of Miami home game, spring practice, fan day, etc with my mom.  The running joke is that my dad declines going because my mom is just that intense.  
We’ve stood in the rain, amongst drunks, amidst the chaos, rattle and decay that was the Orange Bowl, stood in the 4th quarter, shaken when the canons erupt for touchdown after touchdown, and have cried with the stellar victories and crushing defeats.

I love football, a good sports movie, and sports montage in my book, is the best.  I keep my loyalties to three teams, the Miami Hurricanes, Miami Dolphins and my husband’s fantasy team.  It’s the best way to spend an afternoon in the fall.   

2 responses to “Are You Ready for Football?

  1. >You left out the part that your mom told your dad to go to that Dolphin game on the night you were born. I am ready for some Canes football. Two days away. HOpefully you;ll come to a game with me this year.

  2. >anonymous?? is that you mom?

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