Editing the Red Carpet

The 62nd Emmy Awards are now just a faint memory and now exists for the Fashion police and blogosphere to criticize and joke about.  Here’s my attempt to tackle the Red Carpet’s best, worst, and just-off looks, all images via the Huffington Post.

Back in Black
Black for formal wear is so classic so it is always interesting to see how celebrities and their stylists keep it ineresting.  I think some fared better than others.

Rarely do I not swoon for Marchesa, but Heidi’s dress feels just a little small, and a little extra short.  I wish she would have given herself an extra in every direction.  Mindy Kaling is a very petite lady and I feel her bad-ass ballerina is overpowering her, without the ruffle at the top, I feel like she’d be wearing the dress and not the other way around.

 Kelly Osbourne looks glamorous and still very comfortable in black.  The fit on the bodice is gorgeous and the skirt is beautiful.  Julia Louis Dreyfus is in the winner’s category simply because she continues to look radiant, healthy, and the dress fits gorgeously.

Fashion that Makes You Gleeful
The trend color of the night: Navy.  The best dressed in navy, Jayma Mays and Lea Michelle.  I like the relaxed tresses, and I love Lea’s jewels, but when in the fit category I give the win to Jayma Mays all the way. 
 Jenna Ushkowitz seemed to fly low on the fashion police’s radar, but I loved this look.  She looks young, which she is, and still trendy and current.  I don’t love the mix of accessories, and would have preferred all gold – but otherwise she looks fabulous.  Okay, this pains me.  Naya Rivera is beautiful.  This dress’ color is beautiful.  But, it is too over the top, too much skirt, too much hair, too much drama.
Can We Edit This?

I wish both Dianna Agron and Keri Russell’s dress had been shorter.  Agron’s at a tea length would be more Audrey/Grace and less Scarlett O’Hara.  Keri is very much modern Baby (Dirty Dancing), I just wish it was shorter, and fit better at the bodice, it looks about a size too large.

Things I loved
Emily and John, Kevin and Kyra, Stephanie Carter, Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri.  I love the sweetness of the newlyweds, the jewels and color of the long marrieds, the glitter of Jennifer Carter, and the mother-daughter love of the ageless Sarandon/Amurri.

Things I am feeling Ehhh About
Maria Menounos dress feels like a poor man’s Sandra Bullock’s Marchesa.  Lauren Graham is a beautiful woman, this dress does nothing for her and is more matronly than it needs to be.  January Jones reminds me of Anne Hathaway when she was everyone’s fashion muse, edgy and overdone, it is just not believable for me.  Christina Hendricks in Zac Posen, I wish she would have lost the feathers, it feels like one detail too many.

Who Shouldn’t Have Been Invited:
I feel like there are no words.  This is neither a Mad Men Costume Contest, and I assume Stephanie Pratt’s house wasn’t on fire, so I cannot understand why she is not wearing bottoms. 

Winner of the Red Carpet Game:
I didn’t care for Claire Dane’s speech, but I loved the honey hair, makeup and glittering gown. This was a dress I would want, and would wear, even if it was just while sitting on the couch while watching the Emmy Awards next year.

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