Thoughts from the Red Carpet

I have always loved Awards Shows and tonight I wanted to share my moment by moment thoughts of the show, here goes!

Pre-Emmy Wish List and red carpet thoughts:
I hope a woman besides Tina Fey wins. I know she is talented but I would love to see a new girl win, show earnest emotion and joy.

Has Glenn Close never aged? P.s. Love the earrings and the matching daughter gown.

Holy Cow! Kelly Osbourne is skinny.  Ryan Seacrest has also just pointed this out. I wish he wouldn’t make these obvious body comments.

Love how the Glee kids are enjoying this show and event, and how Arty’s celeb crush is Sally Field.

Best surprise details, Eva Longoria’s anything but basic black evening gown.

Sofia Vergara is wearing gorgeous jewels and has dream come true hair, but the dress feels a little prommy.

January Jones, is this dress a joke? Pass.

Christina Hendricks, I wish she had committed to more of a vibrant shade of that color and lost the feathers, and I really wish Ryan had refrained from the cheap shot about her breasts.

Okay, also Julia Louis Dreyfus has also not aged.  Also, it is adorable that she is getting choked up about taking her son to college.

Julianna Margulies and I have the same hairdo tonight. She’s on the red carpet and I am sitting on the couch.

Kyra Sedgwick always looks so blissful on the red carpet and I looove the color.

John Krasinski’s tie is bit petite, no?
How did I miss all of the Losties???? Are they still hanging out at the churchon the???

Wait! Look who it is – Dr. Jack Shepard on the red carpet, says he is looking for LOST closure. Aren’t we all looking for LOST closure?

Favorite jewels
Claire Danes’ ring
Anna Pacquin’s bracelets
Heidi Klum’s necklace
Mindy Kaling’s earrings
Jane Krakowski’s earrings

Favorite hair
Kim Kardashian, she looks glamorous, but I pass on the makeup and the dress
Diana Agron, her hair, gown and styling is young and modern Grace Kelly

Notes the red carpet was filled with high glamour, the makeup was simple and clean and the celebs seemed to indulge Ryan and Giuliana’s inane banter really well!

Time for the show!

One response to “Thoughts from the Red Carpet

  1. >Yea that comment was NOT well received, very weird Seacrest- I feel like he has one red carpet moment like that every time

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