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Weekend Watch: The Wedding Planner

My little sister is getting married this weekend!  They will have been engaged for exactly a year and while Franck was not her wedding planner, any bride (and her mother and father) can identify with the ups and downs of wedding planning!  

Of course, after the flowers are chosen and the cake is tasted, at the end of the day, a man and woman go from groom and bride to husband and wife.

Looking forward to a really special weekend!  In a few days, here comes the bride!!!

Blooming Favors for Wedding Guests

I love Mindy Weiss – event planner extraordinaire to the stars and fabulous people.  I also love her Instagram account where Mindy takes followed behind the scenes at her fetes, so we can see all the details before, during and after.

She recently shared this photo, from a young couple’s wedding:


Guests were invited to take a bunch of flowers home with them – fresh flowers for locals and dried for out of town visitors.  I think this is such a sweet idea, totally unique and lovely way to spread some pretty around town.

Midweek Inspiration: Hafiz

This summer two dear friends, Jake and Enrica, got married.  Printed in their wedding program was this sweet little verse from Hafiz.  It warmed my heart then and still does now.

On Being a Princess

Tomorrow, Waity Katy will wait no more.  Tomorrow, Kate Middleton, the future Catherine, the Something of Somewhere will be a bride, and the most watched bride of all time.

Kate and William via People.com
I mentioned in conversation the other day that I sort of feel badly for Kate – yea, we’re on a first name basis.  It can be tough to be a bride, especially when your every move is scrutinized and then compared to one of the world’s most beloved women, your groom’s mother.  

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, July 29, 1981via People.com
But, it also got me thinking, how unique is her situation, really?  On her wedding day she will become a princess, and on your wedding day so will you.  Stay with me here…

You might hate the idea of being a princess, and what is stands for: the patriarchy, and pomp and circumstance.  
You might be a beach bride, a ballroom bride, a courtroom bride or a castle bride.  
You might get your dress off the rack, at a sample sale, or have it be the most highly speculated gown of the year.  
You might share donuts with your spouse, cupcakes, or a multi-tiered traditional English fruitcake (*yikes!).
You might have a very small budget, be a DIY-er, or be employing a royal army of vendors for your wedding day.

It makes no difference.  On the day you put on your dress (maybe it’s red, “diamond” white, ivory, or somewhere in between) and walk towards your groom, (up the stairs of the courthouse or down the long and storied aisle of Westminster Abbey), you will be the only person anyone looks at, the only person anyone talks about, and the only Princess for your Prince Charming.
Mark and I on our Wedding Day, via 1313blog.com
I will be watching tomorrow as William and Kate say “I do” and share their awkward first public kiss as husband and wife.  

If you’re in need of more Royal Wedding info, People has done a great job of pulling it all together, and you can watch it live online at 5 AM, EST.  You can also follow the wedding news on Twitter with #rw2011.
Now all that’s left is seeing what she wears!

An All Hallow’s Eve Wedding

I am not the first in line for the “theme wedding fan club”.  It is just not for me.  With that said, I do appreciate a well though out and executed inspiration for a wedding.  What is the difference between a theme and inspiration?  Perhaps you’ve watched an episode or two of David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding” in which you’ve seen excited brides-to-be express their interest in a butterfly themed wedding with rainbows and butterflies and rhinestones and Tutera turns out a wedding filled with color, spring’s best flowers and crystal.  That’s the difference between a theme and inspiration.

With that said and with Halloween just around the corner I was inspired by these shoes:
Alexander McQueen Skull Peep Toe Pump
I thought to myself, “could they inspire a wedding?”  And so they have…
I thought really carefully about this inspiration board.  First, I think a wedding ceremony is just that, it’s ceremonial, special, and so I liked the idea of keeping the ceremony unique and inspired by the season.  The dress is romantic, and I love the warm embroidery throughout.  The flowers, lights, intricately carved pumpkins say autumn inspired, without screaming trick or treat.

For the reception I was thinking of a complete makeover.  The bride who gets married on Halloween may embrace the grandeur of Halloween, the sexiness, the mystery, and the glamour.  I think those attitudes can be conveyed without black and orange or even dark smoky red which is often used for impact.  I love the black Phillip Stark Ghost Chairs, the black glassware, chandeliers and candleholders.  And of course the bride can change into a more festive, glamorous ensemble with a lace dress, those Alexander McQueen pumps and black and gold bangles.

For most, the wedding day is the party of a lifetime, why not make it all treats – no tricks?

Fall in Love

All of a sudden the weather has turned.  I want slouchy boots, cashmere sweaters, a cup of hot chocolate, and an autumn wedding.  Did you want those same things, too?  I’ll share with you my picks for boots and sweaters soon, but this wedding inspiration board just could not wait.  It’s rustic, warm, earthy, highlighted in gold and sophisticated.

Who wouldn’t want to fall in love with this?

Wedding Decor… on SALE!

I saw this when house shopping and had to share for anyone planning an event, wedding or with a love of butterflies – this is a deal not to miss…

Perhaps you remember this captivating and colorful Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine Cover?
Or maybe you love the idea of a butterfly bouquet like this:
So, how do you get the look for less?
These Butterfly Bouquets are available on sale at ZGallerie for $9.99! 

And while we’re at it, what about this little butterfly poem for a reading or a program: 
May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
And find your shoulder to light on,
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
Today, tomorrow and beyond.
~Irish Blessing