An All Hallow’s Eve Wedding

I am not the first in line for the “theme wedding fan club”.  It is just not for me.  With that said, I do appreciate a well though out and executed inspiration for a wedding.  What is the difference between a theme and inspiration?  Perhaps you’ve watched an episode or two of David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding” in which you’ve seen excited brides-to-be express their interest in a butterfly themed wedding with rainbows and butterflies and rhinestones and Tutera turns out a wedding filled with color, spring’s best flowers and crystal.  That’s the difference between a theme and inspiration.

With that said and with Halloween just around the corner I was inspired by these shoes:
Alexander McQueen Skull Peep Toe Pump
I thought to myself, “could they inspire a wedding?”  And so they have…
I thought really carefully about this inspiration board.  First, I think a wedding ceremony is just that, it’s ceremonial, special, and so I liked the idea of keeping the ceremony unique and inspired by the season.  The dress is romantic, and I love the warm embroidery throughout.  The flowers, lights, intricately carved pumpkins say autumn inspired, without screaming trick or treat.

For the reception I was thinking of a complete makeover.  The bride who gets married on Halloween may embrace the grandeur of Halloween, the sexiness, the mystery, and the glamour.  I think those attitudes can be conveyed without black and orange or even dark smoky red which is often used for impact.  I love the black Phillip Stark Ghost Chairs, the black glassware, chandeliers and candleholders.  And of course the bride can change into a more festive, glamorous ensemble with a lace dress, those Alexander McQueen pumps and black and gold bangles.

For most, the wedding day is the party of a lifetime, why not make it all treats – no tricks?

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