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Lust List: Parker New York

Designed in New York for the cool, easy-going, downtown girl, Parker New York has caught my eye for their resort collection.  Featuring sweet dresses, silky separates and unique prints, the collection feels uniquely sourced from special, “in-the-know” boutiques.

PARKER_NYThe great thing about these pieces is that they’re real life ready while still feeling special and interchangeable within an edited wardrobe.  They could go from work to play, from French martinis to french toast.

Shop the pieces from the Parker 2014 Resort Collection.

Monday Menu: Go Nuts

Almonds, a favorite nut of mine, are rich in plant omega-3 fatty acids; vitamin E; magnesium; fiber; heart-favorable mono- and polyunsaturated fats; phytosterols. But the health benefits are lessened, when if like me, you call peanut m&m’s  protein and eat candied almond by the handful.

Over the holidays, I decided to swap out the store bought for an equally delicious and healthier version of cocoa dusted almonds – sans butter or oil – that still satisfies a salty sweet tooth.


Cinnamon Cocoa Almonds
3 cups of raw almonds
1.5 tbsp of agave syrup
3 tsp of Dutch-processed cocoa
1.5 tsp of cinnamon
.5 tsp of nutmeg
sprinkle of salt

This couldn’t be easier to make or more delicious!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In a medium size bowl, combine almonds and all ingredients.  Stir so that almonds are fully coated.  Taste and adjust for a more chocolatey or cinnamon-y flavor.  
Scatter on a parchment paper covered pan.  Bake for 15 minutes.  Remove from oven; almonds will have a glossy sheen and feel slightly sticky.  Sprinkle with salt and allow to cool for approximately 5 minutes.

Weekend Watch: The Wedding Planner

My little sister is getting married this weekend!  They will have been engaged for exactly a year and while Franck was not her wedding planner, any bride (and her mother and father) can identify with the ups and downs of wedding planning!  

Of course, after the flowers are chosen and the cake is tasted, at the end of the day, a man and woman go from groom and bride to husband and wife.

Looking forward to a really special weekend!  In a few days, here comes the bride!!!

Lust List: Torn by Ronny Kobo

Bold prints, curves for days, rich knits – a look that’s on trend and affordably attainable?  Sign me up.

Torn by Ronny Kobo has been turning out “it-girl” favorite pieces for a few years but it’s the latest collection that’s gotten my attention for its ability to stop traffic. The pieces are on trend with Kim Kardashian’s latest look and the stretch knit proves that sweater weather can mean va-va-voom.

Torn by Ronny Kobo



Shop the pieces from the Torn Cruise 2014 collection.

Special Place, Special Jewelry

A first kiss, a memorable trip, engagement, wedding, birth of a child and so many other special events create cherished memories.  This cool new collection, Coordinates, captures a memory with its longitude and latitude coordinates.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 10.25.15 AM

The bracelets and rings can be customized by metal, stone and of course coordinate and engraved inscription.

I love this as a sweet way to wear your love and memories.

Revisited: Dream Bigger

I am revisiting a post from three years ago.  And, while the year has changed, the intention and relevance remains ever strong.  Dream bigger.
Happy Birthday, Dr. King.
From January 2011:
I have stood in this spot.  And in this spot, it is hard to not be inspired to dream a little bit bigger.  I cannot find words that compete or match the many bold, and much needed, words spoken at this spot. But on this occasion, but I share a wish for you:

That today, and on all days, you dream a little bit bigger.  You dream for those who have been told that their dreams do not count, and for those who do not yet have the courage to dream.  Today, and everyday after, is a good day to take the road less traveled, which will surely show you the path to human decency, kindness, compassion and goodwill towards all men, women and children wherever they may live, however they may identify, and whatever they may look like.

Weekend Watch: The Women of 2013

During the Golden Globes one commercial caught my eye, not for the next NBC sitcom or blockbuster movie but for a search engine.  Bing aside, this commercial reminded me that we all have a responsibility.

Who will you inspire?  How will you do it?

Drooling for Jewels

Guys, never mind that the dresses were awesome, the jewels were downright, outrageously drool worthy.

Here are my swoon-for-it favorites:

Multiple rings for the young ladies (Vanessa Hudgens and T. Swift)


Vintage art deco inspiration (Jaime King, Molly Sims, Jennifer Lawrence)462309749_10-419x630



Knock your socks off, statement necklace on Sofia Vergara???????????????????????????????????

Red Carpet to Real Life: Golden Globes Edition

This weekend’s Golden Globes provided lot (LOTS!) of style inspiration that could go from red carpet to real life.

Here are some favorites and inspiration for your own major event:

Many of the actresses wore beautiful metallic gowns – Naomi Watts and Robin Wright. The style was simple, clean and classic.Halter

In jewel tones, a popular trend was two tone dresses. The look worked for Taylor Swift, Sandra Bullock and others. The balance of black and bold keeps it fresh and unexpected.two tone

A big night requires big sparkle. Kate Beckinsale was a favorite of mine, but similar styles were worn by Mila Kunis and Michelle Dockery.sparkle

Who were some of your favorites?

Shop: Two Tone/Sparkle/

TNT: Flying Solo – Sort of

I am going to try something new; on Tuesdays the post theme will be about trying new things. Hear things could be big or small – a new recipe, trend or challenge. Stay tuned!


A few weeks ago, baby J and I went on our first flight. He was just shy of 8 weeks old. We knew people on our flight, which was very helpful, but we were sitting by ourselves and I was nervous as all get out. How did we manage? What would I do the same or differently?

1. To thine own self be true. Listen, if finances will allow it, book a flight on an airline you like at a time you are at your best. My 7 week old didn’t have a reliable schedule so it was more important for me to choose a flight time that worked for me. An afternoon flight meant time to sleep in the morning, shower, run last minute errands, etc, and have a bit more peace of mind.

2. Travel lightly. This was the first time in several years that I checked a bag, but not having to carry one more unwieldy item through the airport was very helpful. I wore baby J through security in a Baby Bjorn and carried a diaper bag that held my phone and wallet.

3. Dress smart. Realistically you’re not leaving anywhere with a new baby without some evidence on you – somewhere. So dress comfortably and with clothing that comes on and off easily. I’m nursing, so my scarf also served as a cover and a blanket.

4. Accept help and smile. . One tip I read before our flight was to ‘remember, most everyone else on the flight is also a parent.’ And I did. The woman next to me helped me fasten my seat belt, for which I was very grateful. Another woman told me I should have dressed my baby warmer, to which I smiled.

5. Time your meals. Assuming you’re not stuck taxiing or some other painful travel annoyance, the most common advice I heard – and followed – was to nurse or feed or use a pacifier for take off and landing. I did and baby fell asleep before we were airborne. The sucking they do when eating or using a pacifier prevents the ear pain that the rest of us are susceptible to getting.

6. Come prepared. I had 8 diapers in my diaper bag for a two hour flight. I had antibacterial wipes for the seat, which he never touched and two changes of clothes, which he didn’t wear. This is counter to the advice of traveling light, but the extras made me feel more comfortable and that was really mattered.

7. Stay cool. Traveling is stressful and more so when it’s with a tiny human that can’t do much… at all. Things can happen – delayed flights, bad seat assignments, crying babies (either your own or others), the realization of just how small an airplane bathroom really is… Anyway, along with the wipes and outfit changes, pack some patience and a sense of humor. They’re good accessories for life anyway!

P.S. Prior to the flight, I picked up a bag of Hershey’s mini bars with the intention of sharing – and buying good will – if baby J wasn’t too happy. At the start of the flight I offered them to passengers around me and one man asked, “are those for him (the baby)?” No one took any candy. I had four pieces, which made the flight sweeter for all of us!