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Gluten Free Honey Apple Bread

I have a serious love for apples, and not just any old kind, my personal favorite is Honeycrisp apples.  They are a little tart, a lot of sweet, and only available in the fall.

Well, what do you know… it’s the fall and it’s Rosh Hashanah time and so there is barely a time that’s better for apples and honey than right now.

This easy recipe is great to have a round during a long holiday weekend, or to use up your favorite apples.

Gluten Free Honey Apple Bread
In a small bowl
2 cups Gluten Free Flour (Namaste Brand)
2 tbsp ground flax seeds
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
In a large bowl
1/2 cup of canola oil
1 apple sauce cup, about 4 oz.
2/3 cup of honey
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cup of chopped apple, or about 1 large apple (Honeycrisp) – I like it really apple-y
Sprinkle of cinnamon and raw sugar

In a small  bowl sift the dry ingredients and set aside.

In a large bowl, mix with a whisk the oil, honey and apple sauce.  Here’s a tip first pour the oil, then when you pour the honey out of the same measuring cup it will slide right out.  When mixing you may need to give it a little muscle to break down the stickiness of the honey and to have a smooth liquid base.  Then add the vanilla and eggs.  Mix until fully combined.

Then slowly combine the dry ingredients into the wet.

When the two sets of ingredients are fully incorporated add the chopped apples and give it a good stir so that the apples get covered in batter.

Pour the batter into an oiled 9 x 5 pan, and bake for 55 – 60 minutes at 325 degrees.

This little bread isn’t too sweet and so it makes for a great breakfast or snack.  Try it warm with some butter, or cheese, or nut spread.


What to Wear: Fall Holidays

Today begins the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  It is a special time spent with family and friends, and is celebrated with sweet foods like apples and honey to indicate the hope for a sweet New Year.

It is also a time spent in synagogue and big dinners, and if you’re like me, in front of the closet trying to decide what to wear.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about fashion, but it’s always nice to start the year looking and feeling your best.

Since the Jewish New Year falls around the first week of fall it is a great time to introduce fall’s trends.  I have put together three different outfits that could accomodate a variety of styles and climates, in case you’re celebrating in the very un-fall like Ft. Lauderdale… 88 degrees!

Fall Holiday Collection

I would wear all of these looks, and luckily they are all so on trend that if you’re more puzzled with what to wear than how to make a brisket, you’d be able to replicate any of these looks in your local department store.

Shop 1:blouse, skirt, boots
Shop 2:sweater, skirt, heels
Shop 3:dress, heels
Accessories: earrings, bracelet, clutch


If you celebrate, may your New Year be healthy, happy and fabulous!

Step into Fall

It is in the 70’s, raining and looks colder than it is.  Which means, it is neither boot weather, nor sandal weather, and while warm enough for an espadrille, it would look fairly ridiculous.  It’s enough to drive a girl crazy with a major case of fashion climate confusion.

The first step in converting your wardrobe for fall begins with your feet, and the shoes you adorn them with.

I am young(ish) professional, and so my budget is limited.  I am not going to show you on-trend shoes that I cannot afford, I’m talking about you Manolo

Every shoe in the slideshow is less than $250 – and you know, if the shoe fits…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Colorblocking: this trend has been a mainstay for two seasons.  For fall look and a more playful look stick with deeply saturated bold colors, for a more sophisticated look block in neutrals.  If colorblocking at your feet, stay simple up above, pair with a tonal or complimentary solid dress for a sophisticated look.
Shop: Cathi, T-Strap, Smiles, Patent
Snakeskin:  In our $250 price range it is all about faux, and good faux at that.  When shopping look for subtle texture and colors that exist in nature, so you know, no pink snakeskin.  Depending on the style of the shoe, snakeskin can be perfect for the office or a night out, but be sure to err on the understated for 9-5.
Shop: Garnet, Manic, Peep Toe, Palmerr


Glitter: Fall begins the holiday and party season and there are so many fun ways to amp up a little black dress, or simple skirt/suit with a glittering, shimmering pair of shoes.  I also love the idea of sparkle with a simple outfit of skinny jeans and a slim sweater.
Shop: Kriss, I-Dreemy, Pinki, Pansy


Loafer: Clearly inspired by menswear, the loafer style comes in so many varieties that there is an opportunity for any woman to put her personal style stamp on it.  Velvet smoking loafer, check, western platform, check, tasseled brogues, check.  Pair with slim jean, (or flair for the platforms) and an otherwise feminine silhouette.
Shop: Unmixed, Melter, Hathaway, Marcel


Kitten: This look is all about femininity: a short heel, a slim silhouette, and ladylike refinement.  Go for the slimmest heel that is comfortable for you, and because it’s a delicate shoe feel free to play with pattern and texture.  Pair with this season’s very popular midi length skirts and dresses.
Shop: Dynamite, Ixora, Patent, Perfect


Will you try any of these trends?  Which would be your favorite?

50 Nifty Ways to Decorate

Do you decorate with patriotic flare or geographic influence?  I got to thinking the other day how everything in fancy design books and catalogs are all either Tuscan or French inspired and how very often that is just code for big, and distressed leather and wrought iron.  Don’t get me wrong, it can be fabulous, but I was thinking a little closer to home.

As a Florida girl I can barely resist this print found on Etsy.  I don’t know if it would totally ridiculous in a home outside of Florida, but I do like the cheekiness of it all.

State Print from Etsy


Everyone I know who is from NY truly lives in a NY state of mind and this vintage-y and faded print could be perfect for them.

State of Mind Print


We have one of these, for DC, not Boston and I love it.  It is a cool way to see all of your cities neighborhood and towns.

Boston Print


I have been a fan of this print set for a while now.  It is pretty summery feeling and of course tied to the wonderful song by the Beach Boys but a fun way to show your coastal allegiance.

Beach Boys Print


There are no shortage of subway signs, clearly, and while is a super pricy version of that look, it is still “trendy.”   If you’re looking for this style for a lot less, you can definitely DIY it or find a similar style at discount shops or Etsy.

Subway Sign


Would you decorate with maps, and city/state inspired art?    My favorite is the Beach Boys print it is so playful and fun.

Which would you choose?

Makes You Think

My cousin Cori posted a link to this fantastic ad campaign for a German job finder website and it is brilliant.  The message of the campaign is “Life’s too short for the wrong job.”

The other awesome piece to me, is that it illustrates all of the engineering we take for granted.

Life's Too Short Campaign


Did this make  you laugh, or maybe log in to

First Day of Fall

Today is officially the first day of Fall.  From here on out welcome the pumpkin spice everything, roasted roots vegetables, apples, pears, cinnamon, honey, scuffed leather boots, chunky knits sweaters, cashmere throws, football, tailgates, crisp air, family dinners.

Fall 2011

Source: American in Paris, leaves, Candles, Boots, Pear

Are you inspired for the season?  How will you celebrate the start of autumn this weekend?  I hope it’s filled with warmth and a fun adventure!

Trendspotting: Must Have Pieces at NYFW Spring 2012

So far I have shared the trends I identified based on color (sorbet, yellows, greige and chambray), and by prints (cut outs, safari, bold florals) and now we’re in the home stretch, the last set of trends based on the items that will be must have for Spring 2012.

As a shopper these might be the easiest to aspire to owning and achieving.  If the market picks up on these trends you’ll be able to find all of these pieces at a variety of prices, which will make shopping a breeze.

With this set, like the previous two, all of the trends had to appear at least three times, and often they appeared more than that.

Let’s get started, I think you’ll love them (or at least one of them!)

Gym Class Hero: This might be the easiest trend of all to pull off, and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Several designers sent looks down the runway that were influenced if not down right inspired by gym class, if your P.E. teacher was Anna Wintour… If this is the trend for you keep it streamlined and focus on details: an unexpected hoodie, zipper details, jersey and nylon fabrics, and racerback tops.

Gym Class Hero, Spring 2012


Trail Blazer: For the last few years everyone from Kate Moss to Kate Middleton has sported some variation of the schoolboy (a slightly too small) blazer to the boyfriend (a slightly too large) blazer.  The trend from the Spring 2012 runway is look is a bit more mature, and I have termed it as dad’s blazer.  It is completely over sized, has masculine structuring and detailing, and reminds me of the look when a dad offers his suit jacket to his daughter to keep her warm.  I am completely into the look and how it translates from runway to real life with ease.

Trail Blazer, Spring 2012


Jumpsuit Fever: Several looks on the Spring 2012 runways were inspired by a very specific fashion moment in time, and the abundance of fit and flared jumpsuits is no different.  Highly reminiscent of the 1970’s, but with a twist from an earlier era of the 1920’s,  the standard jumpsuit looks more polished in flowing silks, deep deco necklines, slim waists and wide legs.

Jumpsuit Fever, Spring 2012


1920’s Nightgown: The Spring 2012 runways featured lots of looks that could have been borrowed from a very highly edited boudoir.  This look features perfect knife pleating, sheer panels, soft whispers of color, flowing chiffon, delicate beading.  The look is delicate, refined and secretly an alluring throw back to the 1920’s bedroom dressing.

1920's Nightgown, Spring 2012


Modern Marilyn: In fashion there are iconic women, and then there are iconic dresses, few dresses are more iconic than Marilyn Monroe’s knife pleated white halter dress from the Seven-Year Itch.  The Spring 2012 runways featured dresses that were clearly inspired by the icon.  The halter, the open back, bare arms, plunging neckline are made modern by new silhouettes and fresh detailing at the waist.  This may be the foreshadowing of the perfect spring time dress.

Modern Marilyn, Spring 2012


Lady Who Lunches: Some people say you’re either a Marilyn, or a Jackie.  If you’re the former, see above, if you’re the latter let’s continue.  The Spring 2012 look has taken the ladylike suit, all prim and proper and made it pop.  In these styles it doesn’t feel costume  and it is not primed for next season’s Mad Men, it feels fresh.  The slim silhouettes, the modern details, the bold colors, all fabulous.  And for the lady who lunches, this look is all business.

Lady Who Lunches, Spring 2012


Simply Bold:
I have always been a jeans and a t-shirt girl, and so something about the look of a top that is naturally a match with jeans being paired with an evening worthy bottom, just delights me.  This look was seen on a few runways for Spring 2012 and I love it.  It’s not going to be easy to wear, and rarely will you have an occasion for a large shimmering tent of a ballgown skirt, but it should make you consider the concept of a simple top paired with a dramatic bottom for spring, or all year long.

Simply Bold, Spring 2012

Colors, patterns, prints, and fabulous pieces round out the favorite trends from the Spring 2012 runways.

Which of these trends are your favorites?

Trendspotting: Print Trends at NYFW Spring 2012

Yesterday I showcased the trends I identified based on colors, and fabulous, and today we’re taking a look at the trends based on patterns and prints.  My rule for identifying a trend is that it has to appear at least three times, three times a charm (and a trend)!

Let’s not waste another minute.

Make the Cut: Not technically a “print” this trend appeared on a variety of runways and I am categorizing it in the trend category because of the way the specific fabric details catch your eye like a print would.  Showcased here are three examples of the cut out look, there is a playful, sophisticated and full on bombshell interpretation.  I like that in a few months we could all interpret this trend to fit our own style.

Make the Cut, Spring 2012


Garden Party: This trend for spring isn’t necessarily a surprise, flowers in spring – who knew?  But, I really loved the execution.  For certain there were runway looks with soft petals, and sweet posies, but these styles feature flowers that could not be confused with shrinking violets.  The color is bold, cheerful elevates the sweet flower beyond the Easter Egg roll.

Garden Party, Spring 2012


Tribe Leader: All through the summer and into the early fall I have shared my love for the tribal trend for home and fashion.  I was delighted to see it continue with a more fierce and wild interpretation.  The look for the safari chic, and tribal inspired runways was not fashionable tourist on safari, it was Queen of the Jungle, and Leader of the Pack – something we can all aspire to be for Spring 2012.

Tribe Leader, Spring 2012

Colors, patterns, prints, oh my!  Are any of these make you excited for Spring 2012?

Trendspotting: Color Trends at NYFW Spring 2012

I clicked through every single fashion show and presentation of New York Fashion Week for Spring 2012.  And, along the way I started noticing a few trends and themes, and as the weather turned colder in DC, again I began to long for longer days, tanner skin, and shorts.

I have divided up all the themes into three segments, trends based on color (love!), trends based on patterns and prints (love, love!), trends based on pieces (love x 3!).

Let’s not waste another minute.

Chambray Wishes: While this is technically a fabric, the color appeared multiple times throughout the runway shows.  The look is sun washed, casual and in these applications a bit worn in, for an easy, breezy spring.

Chambray Wishes, Spring 2012

Yellow + Gray: This color combination was EVERYWHERE on the runway, in casual looks and evening styles.  The yellow this season is a softened lemon or saturated gold, and richer than previous seasons neon.  The yellows are contrasted with washed out grays, charcoals and black.

Yellow + Gray, Spring 2012

Sorbet Ice: The spring runway was also print filled and so the assortment of sorbet colored pieces was a palette cleanser.  The freshness of color was light, clean and icy bright, without ever feeling cold or sterile.

Sorbet Ice, Spring 2012

Greige Goddess: This is more of a muted combination of colors, but the Greige Goddess look was in full effect on the Spring runways.  Featuring gathered and draped fabric, gentle sheen, and the muted tones of beige with hints of metallic woven through.

Greige Goddess, Spring 2012

More trends coming soon!  But first, do any of these make you excited for Spring 2012?

2011 Emmy Fashion Recap

Last night we watched the 63rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards, and while I had high hopes the show made me realize a few things: 1. I don’t watch nearly as much TV as I thought I did, 2. the Emmytones was a bad idea.

The real show for me is always on the red carpet, but in any case, my favorite moments were “the Jimmy’s” and the nominating moment for Best Actresses in a Comedy.

Let’s see the best looks of the night:

Red was the color of the evening and I loved the hue, the cut and fit of Martha Plimpton’s Zac Posen gown.

Martha Plimption, 2011 Emmy Red Carpet in Zac Posen

It’s perhaps a little too Miss Universe for some, but Sofia Vergara is also perhaps a little too Miss Universe.  The color and fit are beautiful in this Vera Wang gown.

Sofia Vergara, 2011 Emmy Red Carpet, in Vera Wang

The gown, the fit, the sophistication are all aces in the Zac Posen gown worn by Christine Baranski.

Christine Baranski, 2011 Emmy Awards in Zac Posen

I have been an Elie Saab fan since Halle Berry wore the designer to the Oscars so many years ago.  This dress on Evan Rachel Wood has a fabulous Old Hollywood glamor silhouette and there is nothing to complain about with that.

Evan Rachel Wood, 2011 Emmy Red Carpet in Elie Saab

The almost right looks:

I saw this trio and felt a little sad; it’s like the bride’s fashionable best friend, the maid of honor and the mother of the bride.  Highest marks for Rachel Taylor in Giorgio Armani, then Annie Ilonzeh in Ramona Keveza, and lastly Minka Kelly in Christian Dior.

Charlie's Angels: Rachel Taylor, Annie Ilonzeh, Minka Kelly

Amy Poehler in Peter Som, and Kate Winslet in Elie Saab were both suffering from the same ailment, there dress was just an inch(es) too tight.  These women are fabulous and in fabulous shape, and wearing fabulous gowns, but the fit just fell flat.

Amy Poehler, 2011 Emmy Red Carpet in Peter Som

Kate Winslet, 2011 Emmy Red Carpet in Elie Saab

Cobie Smulders in Alberta Ferretti has the opposite problem, her dress drooped and dragged and felt like it could have been pulled an inch tighter for the perfect fit.

Cobie Smulders, 2011 Emmy Red Carpet in Alberta Ferretti

The not quite there…

Gwyneth Paltrow is perhaps one of the most fit actresses in Hollywood, and yet this potentially stunning dress by Emilio Pucci does her and her midriff no favors.  If the Indian inspired gown had been beaded through the body with no interruption, I think we find GP in a different Fashion Police category.

Gwyneth Paltrow, 2011 Emmy Red Carpet in Pucci

Katie Holmes grew up on TV and in some ways I feel like this look is an homage to the 17 year old in us all; the sporty and semi-shapeless dress, and the just from the shower top bun are all a bit high-school, pre stylist.

Kate Holmes, 2011 Emmy Red Carpet in Calvin Klein Collection