50 Nifty Ways to Decorate

Do you decorate with patriotic flare or geographic influence?  I got to thinking the other day how everything in fancy design books and catalogs are all either Tuscan or French inspired and how very often that is just code for big, and distressed leather and wrought iron.  Don’t get me wrong, it can be fabulous, but I was thinking a little closer to home.

As a Florida girl I can barely resist this print found on Etsy.  I don’t know if it would totally ridiculous in a home outside of Florida, but I do like the cheekiness of it all.

State Print from Etsy


Everyone I know who is from NY truly lives in a NY state of mind and this vintage-y and faded print could be perfect for them.

State of Mind Print


We have one of these, for DC, not Boston and I love it.  It is a cool way to see all of your cities neighborhood and towns.

Boston Print


I have been a fan of this print set for a while now.  It is pretty summery feeling and of course tied to the wonderful song by the Beach Boys but a fun way to show your coastal allegiance.

Beach Boys Print


There are no shortage of subway signs, clearly, and while is a super pricy version of that look, it is still “trendy.”   If you’re looking for this style for a lot less, you can definitely DIY it or find a similar style at discount shops or Etsy.

Subway Sign


Would you decorate with maps, and city/state inspired art?    My favorite is the Beach Boys print it is so playful and fun.

Which would you choose?

One response to “50 Nifty Ways to Decorate

  1. 50 nifty United States from the 13 original colonies, shout em, shout em, decorate about em

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