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Fall Trends: Ladylike Leather for Fall

The runways for Fall 2012 featured several shows with leather clad models.  The look, while typically personifying an edgy sex kitten character was ladylike and sophisticated.  Slim shapes, flattering seams, longer hemlines offset the sleek leather for a feminine style.

Jessica Alba got an early jump on the leather trend and proved you can rock (studded!) leather in the summer and look just as flawless.

Now make the look your own, for a lot less!

Images: Kors/Versace
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First Apartment Must Haves

Summer is peak rental season, and if you’re in college, just out of college, or just out of the house you’re likely looking at your first (second, third) apartment of beige carpet and white walls.

You’re way to chic (and fabulous, and cool) to live in a beige (read: boring) world.

In an apartment, especially one shared with friends, your bedroom is your own personal style zone.  You can add a lot of visual impact with basic (and inexpensive) pieces like bold rugs, pillows, or throws.  Keep clutter to a minimum with multi-purpose items like the tray table or a storage ottoman, and shelves that are cute enough to be display pieces.

Welcome home!

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What to do this Weekend: Cheer on the Home Team

The Olympics start tonight!  I am a big Olympics fan.  I am a big Olympics fan and I grew up in a house where it meant serious trouble to announce who won a race before their was a chance to watch it on delay… these were the days before DVR.

Every Games has unique stories and stars.  As a kid I cheered on the “Magnificent 7” women’s gymnastics team to gold in 1996, was awe struck by Flo Jo and Michael Johnson and got goose bumps from the pomp and circumstance of the Opening Ceremonies.

Need some team spirit?

– The Gap goes Olympic Vintage

– Nike is Golden

– Ralph is controversial

Olympic images via Daily Herald

Trends: T-Strap Pump for Fall

It feels (as in it is 100 degrees today!) too early to think or talk about Fall trends, but one is sneaking up on us today that is too good to not share!

The T-Strap pump was spotted on the runways for Fall 2012 and celebrities, like Emma Stone, are working the trend a little bit early for all of our benefit.  The classic pump becomes even more flattering with the help of a retro revamping from front and center thin strap.

In bold colors and sparkling leathers for now, and deep jewel tones and suede for later – this is a trend to watch.

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Images: Emma Stone/Philip Lim runway

Everyday Treat: Summer Flowers

I love to arrange flowers and keep them in the house.  They can really add great color and vibrancy to any decor.  They can also get quite expensive.

If you, like me, are not best buds with orchid farmers in Holland, and don’t have the yard to grow your own roses it can be tough to keep up this little decorating habit.

Before you start to peruse the “silks” please just think seasonal!

Look how pretty a simple peony or a few dahlias look in a sweet repurposed vase, or the great visual impact of more affordable seasonal blooms like carnations, hydrangeas and cockscomb, also know as brain flowers!

Even the most affordable flower (carnations) can look stunning and sophisticated when arranged in one bold color.  All of these flowers can be found at your grocery store and even farmer’s market!

P.S. A great way to save on a wedding or event’s floral budget is to buy local and seasonal blooms!  Click here for more tips on what is in bloom.

Images: Peony/Dahlia/Hydrangea/Carnation/Cockscomb

Icon: Frida Kahlo

I am starting a new series on the The Daily Batch!  On Tuesdays we’ll look at style icons of different eras and what made their look their own, and how to replicate it for today in a way that is modern and not a costume.

Before Salma, Frida Kahlo was the face and the artist to represent the modern Mexican woman.  An artist and deeply thoughtful thinker, Kahlo through her work of primarily self-portraits displayed a highly developed style.

The key to a Frida inspired look: bold colors, slick hair and makeup, heavy jewelry, fabric with rich fabric and movement.

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Honey Decor

I spotted a cute coffee/side table in the recent West Elm catalog and it has put me on the hunt for all things honey-ed.

The hexagon tables come together to form a mod honeycomb.  In white marble and raw steel, the all natural look is made industrious, sturdy and all around cool.

This only kicked off my search for more honey comb chic items.  How great are these?

Vases from West Elm:

A gorgeous DIY from Design Sponge:

A sleek laquer tray, from the King of Cool Jonathan Adler:

Do you dig the modern honey vibe?

Must Have of the Week: PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

Each Thursday I am going to feature a must-have. It could be something or the wardrobe, home, kitchen or otherwise. But it is getting the Daily Batch seal of approval.

I picked up PB2 at Whole Foods last week after hearing about how amazing it is from my sister-in-law. PB2 is powdered peanut butter. The ingredients are roasted peanuts, salt and sugar. The oil has been pressed out and all that remains is a fine powder. It becomes peanut butter when you add 1-part water for 2-parts powder.

The real benefit is that it is absolutely delicious and tastes just like peanut butter but for about 1/4 of the calories in traditional peanut butter. It is perfect on toast, can be added to smoothies, oatmeal and cereal or yogurt.

Perfect healthy snack – available at Bell Plantation, Amazon and health food grocery stores.

Must Have of the Week: PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

Summer Wedding: Maryland Style

Every season is wedding season, but summer just feels especially wonderful for a sweet wedding, in the outdoors, with cheerful colors and a twinkling sky.

I love the look of this inspiration board, if I do say so myself.  It is playful, casual, whimsical, and an everyday delight.  Set in a dream-come-true backyard and adorned with twinkling string lights, the invitation sets the tone for an enchanted evening.

P.S. This is also great inspiration for a summer soiree, bride and groom not required! 

Source: Backyard/Invite/Groom/Bridesmaid/Bride/Bouquet/Drinks/Cocktail Bar/Dessert/Dinner/Table/Flowers

Icon: Jackie Kennedy

I am starting a new series on the The Daily Batch!  On Tuesdays we’ll look at style icons of different eras and what made their look their own, and how to replicate it for today in a way that is modern and not a costume.

First up, one of my favorites, Jackie Kennedy.  This is a photo from the White House years – after she was just Jacqueline Bouvier, and before the Onassis.

The key to a Jackie wardrobe of this era: slim fitting shapes, bold and citrus colors, polished finishes, mega-earrings, and of course, the perfect sunglasses.

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