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What to do this Weekend: Dinner with Friends

It’s August, we’re officially closer to fall than spring.  While we’ve complained about the oppressive (really, it has been) heat, in as many weeks we’ll (I’ll) be complaining about the colder temperatures.

So, in this order: invite some friends over, fire up the grill, open up a bottle of wine, eat, talk and laugh too much.

Dinner with Friends! Grilling by Jon, Flowers by Kristin

Dinner with friends doesn’t have to be fancy.  It could be new flavors or old favorites – the company is what counts!

Need ideas for some dishes?  Connect with me on Pinterest for some yummy inspiration.

What to do this Weekend: Cheer on the Home Team

The Olympics start tonight!  I am a big Olympics fan.  I am a big Olympics fan and I grew up in a house where it meant serious trouble to announce who won a race before their was a chance to watch it on delay… these were the days before DVR.

Every Games has unique stories and stars.  As a kid I cheered on the “Magnificent 7” women’s gymnastics team to gold in 1996, was awe struck by Flo Jo and Michael Johnson and got goose bumps from the pomp and circumstance of the Opening Ceremonies.

Need some team spirit?

– The Gap goes Olympic Vintage

– Nike is Golden

– Ralph is controversial

Olympic images via Daily Herald

A Moment of Summer

As it gets colder here in DC, and as I count down the days until we go to Florida, I realize how long it has been since I’ve been home – almost ten months.  I have seen my parents and family in that time, but it’s not the same as being home.  

Home, now that I don’t live there, is about my mom and dad.  Today is my mom’s birthday – (Happy Birthday, Mom) and since you haven’t met my mom too many times here on TDB, I figured I would play catch up.

My mom is hard working; a friend to her friends, to her kids, to her kids’ friends; she believes in the fourth quarter, in good company and in her daughters; she is a back scratcher, a hugger, a phone call away; she is a crier (she is where I get my “on like a faucet” emotions from); she is a do-er, and she just does; she goes above and beyond (can you imagine your mom getting on an airplane at 6am with frozen matzo ball soup and a cooked turkey and flying to your dorm to make a Passover dinner for you and your friends, none of whom celebrate Passover?); she is unintentionally funny; she is fiercely protective; she will climb mountains for the causes she believes in; she a baker, not because she knows people love cookies, but because she knows people love when other people think of them; she is a cheerleader; she is still a beach babe (seriously, not a Sunday goes by when you won’t find my mom at her temple, the shady spot between the palms); she is generous of her time, energy, and spirit; she is a mom to everyone who meets her; she is my best friend; she is a moment of summer all throughout the year.

Happy Birthday, Mom – and many more!