A Moment of Summer

As it gets colder here in DC, and as I count down the days until we go to Florida, I realize how long it has been since I’ve been home – almost ten months.  I have seen my parents and family in that time, but it’s not the same as being home.  

Home, now that I don’t live there, is about my mom and dad.  Today is my mom’s birthday – (Happy Birthday, Mom) and since you haven’t met my mom too many times here on TDB, I figured I would play catch up.

My mom is hard working; a friend to her friends, to her kids, to her kids’ friends; she believes in the fourth quarter, in good company and in her daughters; she is a back scratcher, a hugger, a phone call away; she is a crier (she is where I get my “on like a faucet” emotions from); she is a do-er, and she just does; she goes above and beyond (can you imagine your mom getting on an airplane at 6am with frozen matzo ball soup and a cooked turkey and flying to your dorm to make a Passover dinner for you and your friends, none of whom celebrate Passover?); she is unintentionally funny; she is fiercely protective; she will climb mountains for the causes she believes in; she a baker, not because she knows people love cookies, but because she knows people love when other people think of them; she is a cheerleader; she is still a beach babe (seriously, not a Sunday goes by when you won’t find my mom at her temple, the shady spot between the palms); she is generous of her time, energy, and spirit; she is a mom to everyone who meets her; she is my best friend; she is a moment of summer all throughout the year.

Happy Birthday, Mom – and many more!

One response to “A Moment of Summer

  1. >big alligator tears today, oops, I said alligator and you know I dont like alligators! love mom

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