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How to Wear the Trend: Must Have Colors for Fall 2012

For Fall 2012 three colors really stood out and were played with in casual and formal styles.  What was especially exciting is that these colors are a bit outside of the traditional fall shades of cranberry, navy and hunter green.

On with the trend show!

Orange Crush: This color, softer than rust and richer than citrus, floated down the runway.  Many times it was used with beautiful silks, flecks of metallics, and in luxurious silhouettes.

Orange Crush: NYFW Fall 2012

Orange Crush, Real Way:



Teal My Heart: It’s a layered color between blue and green that would make even the most glamorous peacock jealous.  It plays beautiful with other jewel tones and near monochromatic shades of blue and green.

Teal My Heart: NYFW Fall 2012

Teal My Heart, Real Way:

Shop: Dress/Belt/Boot/Dress/Cuff/Pump/Blouse/Pant/Pump/Scarf


Berry Be Mine: The shade of berry, or oxblood as it is being called, that was used on the runway and it was pure sophistication whether in street ready leather, or gala ready silk.

Berry Be Mine: NYFW Fall 2012

Berry Be Mine, Real Way:

Shop: Shrug/Dress/Pump/Coat/Boots/Blouse/Cords/Flats

What do you think?  Are you wearing these colors this fall?  I am especially loving the teal and berry!

How to Wear the Trend: Must Have Pieces for Fall 2012

I’ve figured out how to master the runway color trends in real life, now it’s time to figure out how to wear the must have trends off the runway and on the sidewalks.

Bear Arms: Several designers showed outerwear looks that at their base were streamlined and sophisticated but a look to the right or the left revealed sleeves in furs and pelts.

Bear Arms: NYFW Fall 2012

Bear Arms, Real Way:Shop: Beige/ Black and Beige/ Black

Over the Top Toppers:  In velvets and satin, featuring ornate beading, textures or embroidery these coats aren’t ideal for the next blizzard but they make a beautiful statement.

Over the Top Toppers, the Real Way:

Shop: Pink: Dress/Coat/Clutch/Pump; Blue: Dress/Coat/Flat; Emerald: Blouse/Pant/Coat/Pump

On Top:Several designers showed models in hats.  Some were a part of the sartorial statement (Jason Wu), others were a outlandish statement all their own.

On Top, Real Way:

Shop: 1: Purple/Olive/Brown; 2: Black/Blue/Green; 3: Gray/Spotted/Floral

Urban Prairie Girl:  There is the city girl, you know her in leather and black.  And now there is the urban prairie girl; she’s wearing layers, leather, sheepskin, hats, scarves, neutral tones.

Urban Prairie Girl: NYFW Fall 2012

Urban Prairie Girl, Real Way:

Shop: Jacket/Tee/Skirt/Slouchy Boot/Wrap Cardigan/Dress/Bootie/Poncho/Sweater/Pant/Necklace/Boots

Military Precision: As a throwback to the 40’s there were quite a few looks that were expertly tailored and reminiscent of the 1940’s military aesthetic.  In slim silhouettes, natty tweeds, and even the bomber jacket were on the runway.

Military Precision: NYFW Fall 2012

Military Precision, Real Way:

Shop: Jacket/Dress/Boots/Dress/Belt/Pump/Dress/Purse/Bootie

She’s a Groovy Kind of Girl:  Kicky mini dresses and dramatic maxi dresses were the base for corduroys, suede, floral prints, and knit textures.

Groovy Kind of Girl: NYFW Fall 2012

Groovy Kind of Girl, Real Way:

Shop: Dress/Backpack/Dress/Loafer/Dress/Belt/Sunglasses/Boots

What pieces are you excited for for Fall?  Are there styles that you’re falling for already?

Couture Ballet

The NYC Ballet’s fall gala is getting a fashion makeover by famed couturier, Valentino Garavini.  I love this photo from Vanity Fair of the master bellerina with the designer.

P.S. How fabulous are those red pointe slippers?

A Sweet New Year

Last night began the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah.  It is a sweet time of the year, dotted with tart apples, golden honey, lots of food and family.

Apple Quinoa Cake

Apple Caramel Bars

Apple Tart

Golden Apple Spice Cake

It is also a time for reflection and renewal. It is a time to look past on the year that is ending and look ahead to the year that is beginning.

A common wish at this time of the year is for a “Sweet New Year.”  I hope that this autumn, and certainly the holiday season is a beginning and the continuation of your happiness, health, and sweetness.


P.S. See the recipes above on my Pinterest page!

Shine at Work

I stumbled across this smart, chic, shiny, sophisticated, fabulous, (insert gleeful adjective here) tote and I think it is the perfect fall carry-all, and yes it could lug a notebook, an iPad, and likely a slim laptop.  Carry on!

Elissa Tote Bag, All Saints

Listen, if this is the only purse you’re going to own, this is not the one for you.  But, if you’ve already aced the interview (yes, you need an interview purse), and you’ve got an easy clutch for day or night, than I highly endorse adding this tote with a classic shape, and soft leather, and a dash of shine into your collection!

How to Wear the Trend: Must Have Details for Fall 2012

After scouring the runways last spring for the must have details for Fall 2012, it is time to figure out how to take the runway trends to real life.  I am especially excited about these trends because generally it is easier to find affordable applications of detail trends and they are often easier to wear.

On to the runway!

Bold Lace:This trend was manifested cooly in evening gowns and playful suits, fabulous tops and even pants.  Here dramatic black lace – always black, never white – is paired with bold colors like cobalt, neon green, and hot pink.

Bold Lace: NYFW Fall 2012

Bold Lace Real Way:

Shop: Yellow Dress/iPhone/Loafer/Blue Dress/Clutch/Pump/Tee/Skirt

Caught in the Net:The look features mixed materials of knits and leather and always with a fierce sensibility and in modern black and dark hues.  Either way, I’m caught, hook, line and sinker.

Caught in the Net: NYFW Fall 2012

Caught in the Net, Real Way:Shop: Scarf/Tank/Pant/Boot/Sweater/Pant/Slipper/Sweater/Skirt/Belt/Boot

Flight of Fancy: These are not your grandma’s frocks, or the feathers of Dynasty.  The playful colors, fabrics and accessories but this trend in a flock of its own.

Flight of Fancy: NYFW Fall 2012

Flight of Fancy, Real Way: Shop: Lace Top, Necklace, Pant, Pump, Top, Skirt, Clutch, Pump, Tee, Skirt, Necklace, Pump

From Nature: Prints were reminiscent of live and wild coral, spewing lava, violent and raging wildfires, but were never so literal that the fashion became anything but art.

From Nature: NYFW Fall 2012

From Nature:Shop: Dress, Lip, Boot, Dress, Tee, Wedge, Dress, Clutch, Boot

Pop Tart: In bold black and white and in knits, both structured and relaxed, this trend is an easy to own and wear idea for fall.

Pop Tart: NYFW Fall 2012

Pop Tart, Real Way: Shop: Sweater/Short/Legging/Clutch/Lip/Sweater/Skirt/Pump/Sunglasses/Sweater/Skirt/Boot/Beret/Gloves

Shining Shoulders:Designers played with a lot of sequins, mesh and beading on the Fall 2012 runways, but no trend was more of a standout than the application on the shoulders.

Shining Shoulders: NYFW Fall 2012

Shining Shoulders, Real Way:

Shop: Long Sleeve Dress/Clutch/Pump/Lip/Peplum Dress/Earring/Pump/Gown/Nail

Which of these trends from Fall 2012 are you most excited about?