How to Wear the Trend: Must Have Details for Fall 2012

After scouring the runways last spring for the must have details for Fall 2012, it is time to figure out how to take the runway trends to real life.  I am especially excited about these trends because generally it is easier to find affordable applications of detail trends and they are often easier to wear.

On to the runway!

Bold Lace:This trend was manifested cooly in evening gowns and playful suits, fabulous tops and even pants.  Here dramatic black lace – always black, never white – is paired with bold colors like cobalt, neon green, and hot pink.

Bold Lace: NYFW Fall 2012

Bold Lace Real Way:

Shop: Yellow Dress/iPhone/Loafer/Blue Dress/Clutch/Pump/Tee/Skirt

Caught in the Net:The look features mixed materials of knits and leather and always with a fierce sensibility and in modern black and dark hues.  Either way, I’m caught, hook, line and sinker.

Caught in the Net: NYFW Fall 2012

Caught in the Net, Real Way:Shop: Scarf/Tank/Pant/Boot/Sweater/Pant/Slipper/Sweater/Skirt/Belt/Boot

Flight of Fancy: These are not your grandma’s frocks, or the feathers of Dynasty.  The playful colors, fabrics and accessories but this trend in a flock of its own.

Flight of Fancy: NYFW Fall 2012

Flight of Fancy, Real Way: Shop: Lace Top, Necklace, Pant, Pump, Top, Skirt, Clutch, Pump, Tee, Skirt, Necklace, Pump

From Nature: Prints were reminiscent of live and wild coral, spewing lava, violent and raging wildfires, but were never so literal that the fashion became anything but art.

From Nature: NYFW Fall 2012

From Nature:Shop: Dress, Lip, Boot, Dress, Tee, Wedge, Dress, Clutch, Boot

Pop Tart: In bold black and white and in knits, both structured and relaxed, this trend is an easy to own and wear idea for fall.

Pop Tart: NYFW Fall 2012

Pop Tart, Real Way: Shop: Sweater/Short/Legging/Clutch/Lip/Sweater/Skirt/Pump/Sunglasses/Sweater/Skirt/Boot/Beret/Gloves

Shining Shoulders:Designers played with a lot of sequins, mesh and beading on the Fall 2012 runways, but no trend was more of a standout than the application on the shoulders.

Shining Shoulders: NYFW Fall 2012

Shining Shoulders, Real Way:

Shop: Long Sleeve Dress/Clutch/Pump/Lip/Peplum Dress/Earring/Pump/Gown/Nail

Which of these trends from Fall 2012 are you most excited about?

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