How to Wear the Trend: Must Have Colors for Fall 2012

For Fall 2012 three colors really stood out and were played with in casual and formal styles.  What was especially exciting is that these colors are a bit outside of the traditional fall shades of cranberry, navy and hunter green.

On with the trend show!

Orange Crush: This color, softer than rust and richer than citrus, floated down the runway.  Many times it was used with beautiful silks, flecks of metallics, and in luxurious silhouettes.

Orange Crush: NYFW Fall 2012

Orange Crush, Real Way:



Teal My Heart: It’s a layered color between blue and green that would make even the most glamorous peacock jealous.  It plays beautiful with other jewel tones and near monochromatic shades of blue and green.

Teal My Heart: NYFW Fall 2012

Teal My Heart, Real Way:

Shop: Dress/Belt/Boot/Dress/Cuff/Pump/Blouse/Pant/Pump/Scarf


Berry Be Mine: The shade of berry, or oxblood as it is being called, that was used on the runway and it was pure sophistication whether in street ready leather, or gala ready silk.

Berry Be Mine: NYFW Fall 2012

Berry Be Mine, Real Way:

Shop: Shrug/Dress/Pump/Coat/Boots/Blouse/Cords/Flats

What do you think?  Are you wearing these colors this fall?  I am especially loving the teal and berry!

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