Everyday Treat: Summer Flowers

I love to arrange flowers and keep them in the house.  They can really add great color and vibrancy to any decor.  They can also get quite expensive.

If you, like me, are not best buds with orchid farmers in Holland, and don’t have the yard to grow your own roses it can be tough to keep up this little decorating habit.

Before you start to peruse the “silks” please just think seasonal!

Look how pretty a simple peony or a few dahlias look in a sweet repurposed vase, or the great visual impact of more affordable seasonal blooms like carnations, hydrangeas and cockscomb, also know as brain flowers!

Even the most affordable flower (carnations) can look stunning and sophisticated when arranged in one bold color.  All of these flowers can be found at your grocery store and even farmer’s market!

P.S. A great way to save on a wedding or event’s floral budget is to buy local and seasonal blooms!  Click here for more tips on what is in bloom.

Images: Peony/Dahlia/Hydrangea/Carnation/Cockscomb

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