Step into Fall

It is in the 70’s, raining and looks colder than it is.  Which means, it is neither boot weather, nor sandal weather, and while warm enough for an espadrille, it would look fairly ridiculous.  It’s enough to drive a girl crazy with a major case of fashion climate confusion.

The first step in converting your wardrobe for fall begins with your feet, and the shoes you adorn them with.

I am young(ish) professional, and so my budget is limited.  I am not going to show you on-trend shoes that I cannot afford, I’m talking about you Manolo

Every shoe in the slideshow is less than $250 – and you know, if the shoe fits…

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Colorblocking: this trend has been a mainstay for two seasons.  For fall look and a more playful look stick with deeply saturated bold colors, for a more sophisticated look block in neutrals.  If colorblocking at your feet, stay simple up above, pair with a tonal or complimentary solid dress for a sophisticated look.
Shop: Cathi, T-Strap, Smiles, Patent
Snakeskin:  In our $250 price range it is all about faux, and good faux at that.  When shopping look for subtle texture and colors that exist in nature, so you know, no pink snakeskin.  Depending on the style of the shoe, snakeskin can be perfect for the office or a night out, but be sure to err on the understated for 9-5.
Shop: Garnet, Manic, Peep Toe, Palmerr


Glitter: Fall begins the holiday and party season and there are so many fun ways to amp up a little black dress, or simple skirt/suit with a glittering, shimmering pair of shoes.  I also love the idea of sparkle with a simple outfit of skinny jeans and a slim sweater.
Shop: Kriss, I-Dreemy, Pinki, Pansy


Loafer: Clearly inspired by menswear, the loafer style comes in so many varieties that there is an opportunity for any woman to put her personal style stamp on it.  Velvet smoking loafer, check, western platform, check, tasseled brogues, check.  Pair with slim jean, (or flair for the platforms) and an otherwise feminine silhouette.
Shop: Unmixed, Melter, Hathaway, Marcel


Kitten: This look is all about femininity: a short heel, a slim silhouette, and ladylike refinement.  Go for the slimmest heel that is comfortable for you, and because it’s a delicate shoe feel free to play with pattern and texture.  Pair with this season’s very popular midi length skirts and dresses.
Shop: Dynamite, Ixora, Patent, Perfect


Will you try any of these trends?  Which would be your favorite?

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