Fancy in the Daytime

I have always had a thing for a white button down shirt. It seems classic, always in season, stately and sometimes regal if you have that kind of neck, that’s long and statuesque.  My dad’s mom has that kind of neck.

What I really love is the pairing of the classic, menswear piece with feminine standards. 

For the longest time the outfit Sharon Stone wore to the 1997 Academy Awards was the vision of pairing daytime with evening, and working with the unexpected.  She did it again with a GAP t-shirt at a different Oscar ceremony.

Sharon Stone, 2007 Academy Awards

While, I do not currently have in invitation to an award show, I do think that the pairing of a formal skirt can be transformed into the maxi skirt and evening wear can become street wear, as evidenced by Michael Kors – the master of American day wear.

Michael Kors for Fall 2010, Saks
Michael Kors

It’s feminine, it is cut to flatter the curves, but it’s surprising.  It is cashmere, ultimate luxe, but it’s ribbed for a more casual finish. I love, love, love this skirt  – but not the price.

The idea behind this look is clean, modern, neutral, tailored and crisp.  It is not bohemian, tiered, ruffled, bright, or too sunny.  I think for Summer it’s perfect with a basic tank and bold silver/modern jewelry, and for fall the options are limitless – but keep it neat, and not overly heavy or loose with fabrics, so you don’t get lost.

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