Very Vera

In the world of couture wedding gowns, there is a name that stands above the rest, Vera Wang.  In my mind Vera Wang is synonymous with her pin straight black hair, black leggings, and timeless bridal style.  I have read that as a young girl she had ice skating aspirations and I can only assume that her time on the ice and in costume has informed her creativity.

The beauty of Vera Wang’s talent, as evidenced by the high profile brides she’s dressed, is that dress is designed for the bride and not the bride for the dress.

Need proof?
Jessica Simpson was a classic Southern Belle in a lace, strapless gown.
Jessica Simpson in Vera Wang via
Ivanka Trump’s bridal look was inspired by Grace Kelley with a nod to vintage romance, and a more conservative bodice.
Ivanka Trump in Vera Wang, via

Chelsea Clinton was the picture of the modern (political) princess bride in raw edge ruffles, and architecturally designed ballskirt.  Rumor has it that for her reception she changed into a more modern gown, also by Wang.
Chelsea Clinton in Vera Wang, via
I am of the opinion that on their wedding day, every bride is an A-lister, and so Vera has options for all!  Here are my favorites from the Fall 2010 Collection.
Classic, elegant, with a modern touch in black
Dramatic ballgown, with a romantic vibe
Modern and Grecian bridal glam
The other best news, is that while Vera Wang is the choice for the rich and famous and those with a richer dress budget, Vera Wang will be designing a collection for David’s Bridal, set to hit stores in time for the Spring 2011 collection.  

Vera for everyone, very nice!

2 responses to “Very Vera

  1. >The first and third Vera are perfectly you. I loved Ivanka's dress so much, it was so classy. and Jessica was such a gorgeous bride… I'd go on but then I'll start to get upset about the divorce all over again.

  2. >To this day one of my favorite nostalgic gchat conversations are discussing how upset I would be if J.Simp and Lachey would ever get divorced – I was in a funk for all of Thanksgiving weekend when they did… sad.

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