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First Day of Fall

Today is officially the first day of Fall.  From here on out welcome the pumpkin spice everything, roasted roots vegetables, apples, pears, cinnamon, honey, scuffed leather boots, chunky knits sweaters, cashmere throws, football, tailgates, crisp air, family dinners.

Fall 2011

Source: American in Paris, leaves, Candles, Boots, Pear

Are you inspired for the season?  How will you celebrate the start of autumn this weekend?  I hope it’s filled with warmth and a fun adventure!

Fall at Home

Believe it or not, this post has nothing to do with my clumsiness, we’re here to talk about capturing fall (the season) at home.

In a post-Earthquake, and post-Irene Monday the air was a little bit cooler, the sky a little bit more overcast, the realization that fall is near that much more real.

This fall, in addition to some swoon-worthy fashion pick-ups, I am thinking about decorating at home.  I am trying to strike the right balance between being seasonal and looking like I decorate for each season.  There will be none of the following: scarecrows, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, candy corn welcome mats.  Come on, people, don’t we know each other at all by now?

This is the idea:

Pottery Barn

For the kitchen I am loving these lovely screenprinted tea towels.

Studio Patro Tea Towels

I love that these textiles really convey emotion and a tactile sensory experience.  Hi, I’m Veruca Salt, and I want all of them and would love to give these as gifts.

I think this is a very clever idea for lighting a Rosh Hashanah table:

Apple Core Candles

And at the end of the day, I’ll cozy up with this to keep warm:

Cashmere Throw Blanket, Williams Sonoma

Fall just seems like such a lovely, cozy season.  Are you getting anything new, or hoping to, for your home?