A Blushing Bride

This weekend was “The Reality Starlet/Professional Athlete Wedding of the Year”.  I say that in quotes because I truly think, cheesy as it may be, that on your wedding day, when you are the bride, your own wedding is always the “wedding of the year” with any hope, it is the “wedding of your lifetime.”  With that said, I will watch the E! Wedding Special in October.

In the previews I really liked Kim’s two-toned theme and it inspired me, with a slight variation, instead of black and ivory I chose black and blush.

A Wedding in Blush

Two thoughts: I think sometimes people see a pink wedding as being very specifically feminine, which is easy to imagine, but I think when paired with black and pared down in simple lines, and clean shapes it is actually a very lovely compromise, just like marriage should be.

So, what do you think?  Could you have a wedding in just two colors?

Source: Gown at StylePage, Invitation, Tablesetting, Centerpiece, Desserts, Bouquet

2 responses to “A Blushing Bride

  1. This is gorgeous. I love every picture and love pairing black with a more feminine color like lilac or blush.

    • thanks! I thought it was a really sweet composition – and while obviously very feminine, it doesn’t feel juvenile or girlish. Sophisticated Pink 🙂

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