Fall Wish List, for Julie

The other day I had the following conversation with my sister, Julie:

Me: What is on your fall wish list?

Julie: Replace my Chinese Laundry brown boots with boots that I enjoy with jeans, leggings and skirts b/c those don’t go with skirts and I need to be able to wear boots to work, colored denim – in a red and maybe an awesome blue or mustard or something – no jackets, I’m prob good on scarves, ooh I kind of want a suede flat – like a boat shoe or loafer, obviously more maxi dresses and like 3-4 awesome sweaters in bright fall colors – purple, green, etc – and that’s it for now

Me: great job, nice selections

Julie: Thank you

Me: I particularly like how you say, “enjoy” with skirts

What I like about this look: It is a mix of a lot of things, with a focus on color.  Julie often has a bolder vibe than I do, but walks the fine line between DC conservative and bohemia.

Julie’s Fall
Source: Maxi Dress, Stripe Dress, Sweater Dress, Polish, Loafers, SlippersCardigan, Sequin Top, Sequin Cardigan, Envelope, Maxi Skirt, Midi Skirt, Skinny Jean, Flare Jean, Suede Boots

What do you think, Jules?

What is on your fall wish list?

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