Black Magic for Fall 2011

It’s time to get ourselves ready, and by ourselves I mean our closets, for fall.  I have already made a visual wish list for Julie, and now I am working through my favorites themes from Fall Fashion Week 2011.

The pervasive theme for fall was bold and highly saturated color, however, we would be kidding ourselves to think that fashion would abandon the non-color, color black.

My favorites from the runway:

L - R: Ralph Lauren, Elie Tahari, Milly by Michelle Smith, Michael Kors

On first glance, they have nothing in common beyond their color.  But look further… There is movement, exoticism, layering, something special.  This is not your basic black. This is high-powered, glamorous, strong, fierce and sophisticated.

And, I’d like to think, that when paired together well, these pieces exude that same kind of magic.

Black Magic - Fall 2011

Source: Maxi, Shift, Shirt, Tee, Pleat Skirt, Legging, Maxi Skirt, Jacket, Cape, Necklace, Cuff, Cuff

More color coming soon!  Are there trends you want to see visualized?  Do tell in the comments!

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